Personal Trainer Resume Example

In this post, we have a resume example for a Personal Trainer. The job seeker has experience working in Fitness, Training and Nutrition but is someone that original had Operations and Management experience in a network center.

The introduction needs to focus on aspects of personal training, rather than the management and operational experience.  A summary paragraph explains their qualifications as a personal training professional. A table is used to provide a quick reference to key skills such as Nutrition Planning, Strength Training, and Fitness Programs. This area also focuses on Flexibility Training, Aerobics, and Fitness Planning.

The experience section outlines each company, title and dates with a paragraph that documents the scope of work. Bullet points emphasize key events and accomplishments.

Training and education sections note a B. S. in Computer Information Systems in progress. The candidate is also a Certified Personal Training Professional and a member of related professional affiliations.

Personal Trainer Resume Example

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Personal Training Trainer Resume Example

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Personal Trainer Resume Statements

  • Evaluate new clients by diagnoses physical condition and health status.
  • Perform body fat analysis, fitness level diagnosis and nutritional consulting.
  • Develop individualized training plans based on BMI, conditioning and customer goals.
  • Schedule individual personal training sessions and assist with group training.
  • Instruct clients on optimal utilization of fitness equipment and proper form on exercises.
  • Monitor and document client progress and health status, periodically checking conditioning levels.
  • Manage supplies and forms such as towels, Orientation forms, invoices, exercise logs and estimates.
  • Maintain facility cleanliness ensuring the locker rooms, aerobic rooms, saunas, spas and exercise room remains clean and sanitized.
  • Ensure proper and smooth functionality and safety of exercise equipment.
  • Collaborate with sales staff to promote training sessions and build new business.