Director of Finance Resume Example

The resume below comes from an executive professional with a prestigious career directing financial and executive level operations for multi-billion dollar industry leaders.  This resume represents a style, format and information level appropriate for top level executives, CFO, CEO or VP’s of Finance – Operations.

The introductory section includes a nicely styled title area with name and contact information.  The writer uses the job title of Financial Executive to make it clear that this individual as targeting executive job positions in Finance. Targeting is narrowed using a sub-headline statement that further explains their ability to drive competitive advantages for healthcare and insurance companies.

From this point, the resume summarizes their most important strengths such as international experience, revenue growth and profitability.    The checkboxes further highlight these core areas of knowledge.

The job experience is written in a manner that is 100% accomplishment focused.  The headings display the company, job title and employment dates with a brief statement to outline the size of the company. This provides the reader with a better idea of their scope of work.  The paragraphs outline their main focus at each job position.  Major projects are outlined with responsibilities.  Number of staff members supervised are also documented in this section.

The achievements are the most impressive part of this resume.  Each bullet point emphasizes a major program or initiative that led to bottom line improvement.  In every area possible, the resume explains the exact financial impact of each accomplishment.   The resume is filled with examples of multi-million dollar cost savings, revenue enhancement, streamlined processes and industry achievements.

Director of Finance Resume - Page 1

Director of Finance Resume – Page 1

Director of Finance Resume - Page 2

Director of Finance Resume – Page 2

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Director of Finance Resume Example Statements

  • Plan and manage all large scale financial functions of the corporation.
  • Design departmental budgets and oversee accounting integration within the organization.
  • Create and establish financial policies, procedures, programs and best practices.
  • Determine accounting and financial management framework in order to monitor and enhance reporting performance.
  • Analyze and recommend operational and strategic direction based on modeling and forecasting.
  • Set goals, business metrics and standards, comparing analyzed results to ensure departments meet their milestones.
  • Lead teams to identify weaknesses and potential areas of improvements through efficiency studies.
  • Stay abreast of emerging finance standards, applications and technology platforms to ensure company leverages latest performance tools.

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