Facilities Maintenance Manager Resume Example

The resume example below is specific to someone who is currently working in the facilities maintenance management field.

This sample opens with a summary of the person’s experience as a master electrician, along with his project management skills.

Next, the “Areas of Expertise” section contains specific keywords related to where his skill sets lie.  These assist with branding and visibility in recruiter searches.

His professional experience consists of outlining his current role as Electrician Supervisor.  The initial statement below the job title summarizes his general day-to-day duties and tasks.

Any accomplishments or contributions he has made in this role are listed next with the use of bullet points.

In this particular example, the candidate’s professional training for Organizational Leadership is listed in lieu of education credentials.

Facilities Management Resume Example

Facilities Management Resume Example

Facilities Maintenance Summary

  • Quality-driven facilities maintenance leader with a superior work ethic, master electrician. project management skills, and an adaptable approach.
  • Talent for conducting inspections, planning improvements, and managing projects. Forward-thinking problem-solver with top-notch decision-making skills.
  • Adept in motivating, training, and developing team members to drive profitability.

Facilities Maintenance Experience Statements

  • Supervise team of 8-staff members and performance to ensure results are at optimal productivity.
  • Oversee readings and understand engineering specifications, project submissions, and safety requirements/practices.
  • Train staff on best practices and protocol to maximize efficiency and aid management by analyzing and communicating problematic areas for support in change order negotiations.
  • Install complete electrical distribution system and emergency generator backup system.
  • Diagnose mechanical problems and determine accurate ways to implement corrective action.
  • Develop and implement a preventive maintenance program to streamline preparedness and reduce downtime.
  • Conduct annual Job Corps apprentice evaluations for continuous improvement and succession planning.
  • Prepare written and oral communication for daily leadership reporting. Identify and prioritize projects within the maintenance action plan.