Operations Analyst Resume Example

The resume for an Operations Analyst begins with a summary of Anyya’s applicable experience.

The next next section titled “Skill Highlights” lists some keywords that highlight her areas of expertise.  These keywords can be used in order to help with personal branding.

Her professional experience follows, beginning with her current position as a National Operations Specialist Analyst.

Each position is outlined with a brief paragraph summary and bullet points of job specific accomplishments.

Finally, the resume closes with her Education, listing her completion of her Bachelor in Science with a Major in Management and a GPA of 3.2

Operations Analyst Resume Example

Operations Analyst Resume – Page 1

Operations Analyst Resume Example

Operations Analyst Resume – Page 2

Operations Analyst Summary

  • Driven Operations Specialist Analyst with extensive experience in managing integrated business operations and technical programs that exceed productivity goals.
  • Astute in identifying  operational requirements, creating action and implementation plans, and coordinating with cross-functional teams towards business goals.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and public relations skills that create a progressive development of strong relations with counterparts and clients.

Operations Analyst Experience Statements

  • Manage six complex Fortune 500 Global accounts with annual revenue of $14M.
  • Liason to translate business requirements and needs through development and implementation of day to day operational issues.
  • Support the deployment of initial and ongoing onboarding of tools and solutions to customer
  • Collaborate with cross-business team members to maintain operational goals, focusing on continues improvement and solid first-line controls and compliance with internal and external customers within to drive desired results.
  • Maintain contractual responsibility for service level commitments, ensuring company is within operational compliance to agreed contracts.
  • Provide analysis support, proactively manage data and data sources, prepare periodic reports on key company adoption and usage metrics and make a recommendation for improvement to key stakeholders and monitor via the dashboard to measure KPI’s.
  • Coordinates and takes part in presentations by suppliers to category/department managers, etc. Works with suppliers during testing of the product or service. Coordinates and communicates company recommendations and revisions for the product or service.
  • Interview stakeholders and build/implement new programs to meet stakeholder needs while overseeing the process from launch to deliverables.
  • Liason between Global 500 Companies, IT and Purchasing Groups.
  • Managed and prepared QBR’s, Docutivity and On Site Analysis; Managed Fleets and execution of SLA’s
  • Ensured best practices were in place for overall customer satisfaction.