Distribution Manager Executive Resume Example

Here you will see an Executive Sample Resume for Distribution Manager with work history as a General Manager and President of Distribution. The document works well for professionals in executive positions related to shipping, receiving or production.

In this document you will see that the job candidate insisted upon using an objective in his resume.   Note that we do not include an objective in the vast majority of our resume examples.

The content found within the objective is far better utilized in their cover letter.  This space will usually be reserved for either a headline of title statement explaining by his previous history what his title or role should be.

This resume begins with an objective statement that identifies the job seeker’s seven years of experience in distribution and logistics management. The objective is followed by a professional summary that outlines expertise in the implementation of automated distribution systems. The writer also references skills in training, budgeting, leadership and general management.

Distribution Manager Executive Resume Example

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Distribution Manager Executive Resume Sample

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Distribution Manager Resume Writing

The experience section lists each company, location and relevant dates. Since the candidate has many years of experience, it is not necessary to include months in the dates. Bullet points are used to separate each statement. We’ve included this resume as an example to contrast certain types of layouts and formatting. The objective is the first point of contrast. The second is the layout of the job bullet points. When formatting your document, you should be able to format bullet points so that the entire statement is indented. In Microsoft Word for instance, you’ll do this by highlighting the bulleted statements, and then moving the leftmost tab margin on the ruler to the right, meeting up with the indented portion of the bullets. You may need to re-adjust the paragraph margins after moving these, but it will result in a far cleaner version of the document.

The writer identifies the scope of their responsibility as the manager of a 270,000 sf distribution center with 94-person staff and $3.4 million budget. Many of the remaining statements include accomplishments with quantified results such as cutting expenses by millions of dollars, increasing productivity by 28% and exceeding volume by 200%.

The resume concludes with a list of education to document the Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Computer skills, professional development and affiliations are optional sections.

Distribution Manager Executive Resume Example By Quest Career Services, LLC