Security Agent Resume Example

This resume was created for a client that has worked for over 20 years for the same company as a Security Agent.

The main challenge was due to the fact that the client was not authorized to provide specifics on most of the achievements and accomplishments acquired throughout their career.

To protect against violating confidentiality, bullet points were kept general but were written in a way that demonstrated the importance of his role.

Before even getting to his current employment, a thorough introductory paragraph and Summary of Qualifications section were utilized to highlight the client’s depth of experience and positive attributes that would interest employers in the security field.

Again, these did not reference specific instances, but instead were phrased to illustrate just how uniquely qualified this candidate is for a Head of Security position. The resume concluded by listing his degree in Criminal Justice since it is directly relevant to his career goal.

security agent resume example

Security Agent Resume Example

Introduction for Security Agent

  • Highly effective Senior Special Agent for the ABC Security Company with over 24 years of experience specializing in performing high-level security protection within the law enforcement industry.
  • Offering an array of skills in Presidential and Foreign Dignitary security protection, proactively ensuring the safety of all necessary stakeholders, cross-functional collaboration, team leadership, interrogation, advance security planning and design, attention to detail, talent recruitment and innovative problem solving.
  • Proven ability to provide for the care, welfare, safety, training and security of all personnel, staff, visitors and property.
  • Track record of success increasing protective program effectiveness and efficiency while overseeing simultaneous intricate security procedures and safety measures.

Security Agent Resume Experience Statements

  • Provide Presidential protection in a variety of ongoing circumstances.
  • Demonstrate complex protective advance planning techniques and strategies.
  • Gather and integrate critical protective intelligence.
  • Streamline operations through effective team leadership and management.
  • Draft and execute subpoenas, search warrants and surveillance activities.
  • Interview and interrogate suspects to obtain necessary information.
  • Prepare case reports from allegations, interview transcripts and physical evidence.
  • Implement innovative threat assessment.
  • Protect visiting foreign heads of state and their spouses.
  • Spearhead security efforts for large-scale events designated as National Security Events by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Explore cases of counterfeiting U.S. currency.