Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Resume Example

This resume was created for an executive focused on advancing in the field of Client Success Operations. This client had a strong background that needed to be highlighted and streamlined for maximum impact.

At times, long resumes can drag on, which can cause the reader to skim and miss key information. To protect against this happening, the resume began with an introductory paragraph that lists relevant strengths. On its own, a well written introduction can be enough to secure a resume within seconds.

From there, a Summary of Qualifications was included so that prospective employers would immediately realize that this client brings a lot to the table.

Throughout the Professional Experience section, the most critical bullet points were written in bold so that they stood out to the reader.

While this client does have an impressive Education background (MBA), it was listed at the end because of his career experience was vast and impressive.

Chief Operating Officer Resume Example

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Chief Operating Officer Resume Sample

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Chief Operating Officer Resume Summary Statements

  • Highly effective Global Business Operations Executive with over 15 years of experience.
  • Offering an array of skills in strategic vision implementation, business/financial acumen, talent acquisition and empowerment, leadership, performance analysis, marketing, campaign management, advertising, problem solving and software management.
  • Proven ability to multi-task in high-stress, dynamic environments while driving growth and providing excellent customer service.

Executive Resume Experience Statements

  • Lead world-class Client Success Team by defining and optimizing the client lifecycle, contract negotiation, personnel development and serving as a point of client escalation.
  • Spearhead customer-centric innovation by leading Client Success Managers and Training and Enablement department to engage in a consultative, “strategic partner in business” approach to gauging clients’ needs.
  • Engage regularly with clients via strategic and operational reviews to evaluate client needs and to inform the direction of the team’s process to serve clients.
  • Manage Client Success activities, including rigid SLA measurements, 1-1 individual development, individual goal setting, client webinars, client boot camps, academy and critical annual strategic initiatives.
  • Oversee client support to ticket response and resolution times, including advocacy for the client.
  • Implemented recruitment and interview strategy for building teams, measuring and monitoring performance.
  • Standardized processes for acquiring employee equipment such as computers, phones and software.
  • Migrated data, configurations and process from Suite CRM to Zoho CRM to streamline process and management.
  • Recruited and attracted high-potential contributors and established rapid onboarding and ramp up process.
  • Inspired Client Success mindsets across all departments in order to create a company-wide culture.
  • Facilitated company mission of delivering highly sophisticated data through robust, user-friendly products—all while providing an unparalleled commitment to client service.
  • Expanded operations to five global offices (300+ staff)

Statements of Achievement

  • Secured 105% net client retention for 2016.
  • Delivered award-winning performance and leadership integral to advancing eVestment’s business to $85M annually with 2,500 clients and a 96% YoY retention rate.
  • Primed company for honors, including recognition as FundFire’s Most Influential Database, #1 on both iisearches’ and Money Management Letter’s “Must Be In” databases, and for the Inc. 5000 list.
  • Grew sales revenues exponentially within nine short years, expanding clients from 30 to over 2,500.
  • Drove client retention to 96% average despite significant declines in the global economy.
  • Led the successful integration of operations, personnel and customers with a combined value of over $5M.
  • Honored as recipient of eVestment’s 2011 Founder’s Award and 2010 Core Value Award for Excellence.
  • Achieved 100% of strategic objectives in line with established metrics for success within five-year plan.

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