Legal Secretary Resume Example

Under this description you will find a legal secretary resume example image for an administrative professional. This document serves as a resource for anyone targeting assisting position for a legal institution.

The career objective introduces the job seeker. This statement demonstrates that they are a college graduate candidate with some internship experience with a Fortune 500 company.

Their job experience focuses on their background as a legal secretary. The content describes work writing memos, completing forms and preparing legal documents. This candidate also participated in publication review and organization of the law library.

The education area lists the Bachelor of Art in Business Administration in progress. The additional skills features experience with word processing in Micr soft Word and typing at 90 words per minute.

Legal Secretary Resume Example

Legal Secretary Resume Example

Legal Secretary Resume Statements

  • Review, create and process technical legal documents.
  • Examine and compile various legal documents such as pleadings, subpoenas, motions and orders.
  • Type out formal summonses, subpoenas, indictments, complaints and search warrants for delivery to courts, individuals and agencies.
  • Assist trial attorneys in the preparation of trial notes and supporting case documents.
  • Communicate with courts, attorneys and law enforcement offices to procure files, memos and letters needed in support of cases.
  • Prepare judgments, notices and affidavits to be sent out to courts and clients.
  • Schedule court dates, trips, conferee and internal meetings.
  • Set up travel arrangements, transportation, lodging and itineraries.
  • Prepare lists of exhibits, cited cases, past opinions, precedents and case references.
  • Put together inter-office and attorney letters for correspondence.
  • Oversee filing of all case paperwork, letters, memos and court documents.
  • Maintain calendar of all notifications, court dates, timelines, deadlines and appointments.

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