Database Administrator Resume Example

Below you will find a resume example for an IT professional with job experience as Database Administrator. This resume serves as a reference for most DBA positions or software engineers that work primarily in a database systems technical environment.

This resume is written without a summary, headline or objective. In this case, the job seeker has only 2 job positions as a database administrator. So the recent job experience tends to summarize the totality of their career.  Most job seekers will want to include a summary in the resume to give the reader a quick view of their core experience.

The job experience section outlines skills in data modeling, analysis, systems implementation and testing.  Statements within the resume feature skills in database methodology, modification and training. Several statements outline key projects.

The education section lists the Bachelor of Science in Database Administration.  The Technical Skills  area focuses on a variety of knowledge such as Oracle, IBM DB2 and SQL.

Database Administrator Resume Example

Database Administrator Resume Example

Database Administrator Resume Statements

  • Design and deploy database architecture and systems infrastructure for corporate IT systems.
  • Create strategies for performing repetitive tasks such as data acquisitions, migrations, data recoveries and new database implementations.
  • Provide IT support for the review, analysis, troubleshoot and repair of database issues.
  • Define data requirements for database design and implement policies that lead to corporate solutions.
  • Establish guidelines for security, maintenance, utilization and business continuity.
  • Lead efforts in performance tuning and optimization needed to maintain customer applications.
  • Program and implement ETC processes and applications in Perl.
  • Research, develop and deploy innovative productivity applications.
  • Create documentation that provides guidelines in regards to maintenance tasks, policies and procedures.

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