Business Strategist Resume Example

The sample below highlights the person’s experience in strategic marketing initiatives and effective brand management in domestic and international markets.

The keywords in the “Areas of Expertise” section are specific to his particular skills as a business strategist.  These keywords include market research analysis, trend tracking, and project management to assist with personal branding.

His professional experience lists both his current job as a Marketing and Account Manager as well as the previous role as the Head of International Partnerships.

The statements below his job titles describe the duties and responsibilities he had in each position.

Any relevant accomplishments follow with bullet points. The accomplishments document the scope of his job, as well as many results that either drove revenue or cut costs.

The resume ends with the Education section by listing his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies, International Business and Marketing.

Business Strategist Resume Example

Business Strategist Resume Example

Business Strategist Summary

  • Resourceful Marketing Leader that can successfully execute strategic marketing initiatives and effective brand management in both domestic and international markets.
  • Proficient in marketing strategy, international business development, and project management.
  • Possesses a strong work ethic, as well as exceptional communication, time management, and research skills. Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin).

Business Strategist Experience Statements

  • Head of partnerships initiatives with local media companies and businesses.
  • Develop Asian market and plan local events.
  • Source international business partners targeting Asian countries and industries.
  • Assisted business analyst manager to evaluate final facility and organize post sales service
  • Create quantitative and qualitative targets and strategies for local expansion, including collaborate with hotels, restaurants, and shows.
  • Develop client base across restaurant and nightlife industries and increased local businesses by 10 to 15 each month.
  • Supervise marketing campaigns organized locally and ensure marketing campaign goals.
  • Develop domestic partnerships with entertainment, hotel, and audio industries focusing on South California and Las Vegas.
  • Created correspondence, spreadsheets, presentations and scheduled assignments.
  • Coordinated meetings between managers and clients to develop ideas, discuss progress, and set goals.