Human Resources Manager Resume Example

This resume was created for a client with a Human Resource Manager job title that was hoping to become a Director at a large company or corporation.

The client held numerous positions in the field, many with similar roles and responsibilities. The challenge here was to balance not being repetitive without short-changing their breadth of experience.

To accomplish this goal, the three most recent positions were explained in detail, while the other careers were simply listed under Early Career Experience. These positions each brought unique accomplishments and expectations to the table as well as encompassed everything in the Early Career Experience positions. Certain bullet points were bolded for emphasis based on potential interest to employers.

The human resources manager resume began with an introductory statement and Core Competencies section to synthesize critical information and qualities in one place. Since employers often judge a resume within just a few seconds, it helps to centralize key information in an eye-pleasing format. Education degrees and Technology Proficiencies were then listed to round out the resume.

These are relevant to HR, but not as important to employers as her actual experience.

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Human Resources Manager Resume Example

Human Resources Manager Resume Example

Summary for Human Resources Manager

  • Highly Effective Human Resources Manager with over 15 years of experience specializing in establishing productive business relationships and resolving critical human capital business issues.
  • Offering an array of skills in accurate employee job performance assessment, recommending and implementing action plan strategies to meet HR needs, interdepartmental coordination, consultative relationship building, coaching, training, communication and schedule planning.
  • Proven ability to successfully multitask in a dynamic, fast-paced environment while meeting all deadlines.

Human Resources Manager Resume Experience Statements

  • Implemented project plan outlines to assist field management in improving survey departmental/property results.
  • Developed extensive labor relations strategy while maintaining a luxury environment.
  • Managed all employment, medical and worker’s compensation files and claims.
  • Directed all human resources functions including recruitment, hiring, training, on-boarding and employee relations.
  • Responsible for all building and managing budgets for department and hotel.
  • Ensured compliance of human resource policy, employee benefits and employment law at both local and federal level.
  • Provided confidential issue resolution while working with various levels of management.
  • Represented employer in unemployment hearings and negotiated hotel specific benefit package with broker.
  • Managed all aspects of HR office including Leaning & Development Team and prepared all associate communication.
  • Hosted and conducted bi-weekly new hire orientation as well as designed necessary professional development plans.
  • Scheduled and conducted interviews, created and approved job offers and salary structures, recruited colleagues.
  • Guaranteed compliance with all state, federal and local employment laws, as well as company standards, systems and processes in partnership with employment and labor relations departments.
  • Spearheaded various regional and enterprise-wide human resource projects and initiatives to ensure compliance.
  • Trained management on trend awareness and performance improvement through targeted consultations.
  • Helped develop an enterprise-wide front line associate on-boarding toolkit for food and occupational safety training.
  • Oversaw employee relations, benefits & compensation, staffing, management development and work force analysis.