Marketing Operations Resume Example


The resume below is professional example for a job seeker with experience in Marketing  and Operations at the Executive Level. This document illustrates a typical resume used by high level managers that oversee sales, operations or marketing in a large corporate environment.

The writer uses a headline of “Executive Marketing / Operations Leader” to quickly identify to the reader the primary role this individual can perform.  The secondary headline is used to identify five other areas of strength including revenue growth, business operations, strategic planning, product promotion and technology.

This resume has a unique summary that is designed to grab the readers attention. First, the executive summary and core competencies are formatted in the middle of the page. The two blue boxes use quotes from former employers that document a proven ability to perform effectively.

The remainder of the resume includes the experience section. The author provides an additional statement below the company information. This is common in executive level resumes as it helps define the scope of the job position. The paragraph under the job titles outlines duties while the bullet points highlight major success at each job position. Achievements are quantified by percentage gains and can be seen in more than one bullet point. Experience older than 2002 is simply listed as work history and the education section lists the job seeker’s MBA degree.

Marketing Operations Resume Example

Marketing Operations Resume Example

Marketing Operations Resume Sample

Marketing Operations Resume Example


Marketing Operations Resume Statements

  • Turned around at-risk business, generating revenue growth and quality service improvements.
  • Lead tactical execution of two key software products for public utilization.
  • Maintained accountability for $2 million dollars in assets and revenue.
  • Performed key role in business development and establishing future goals for division and product expansion.
  • Initiated innovative strategies to achieve the current value above global market share.
  • Managed five direct reports and provided leadership to over 100 additional staff.
  • Set the overall strategic direction for organizational growth and product definition/development.
  • Directed operational requirements of the division to achieve profitability and exceed corporate revenue growth.
  • Managed development of products, pricing strategies, defining a roadmap portfolio, and customer service initiatives.
  • Created product strategies and business plans utilized to obtain funding to establish new division.
  • Led marketing team in defining products and establishing sales rollouts.
  • Developed business plans and product definition for components and modules utilized by notebook computers.
  • Created customer marketing and training materials for sales team utilization.

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