Choreographer Resume Example

A choreographer’s resume often showcases their creative leadership and artistic innovation experience.  In this particular case, the candidate has choreographed in both an artistic and professional setting.

The “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords that highlight both of these aspects for ranking high in applicant tracking systems.

Next is a recount of her professional experience starting with her most recent position.

Each position listed features an initial statement below the job title that describes the duties and responsibilities. Relevant accomplishments from each role are highlighted below with bullet points.

The resume closes with her education.  This person has already completed her Bachelor of Science in Marketing.  She is currently working on her Master of Arts in Integrated Behavioral Health, with an anticipated graduation date listed.

Choreographer Resume Example

Choreographer Resume Example

Choreographer Resume Sample

Choreographer Resume Example – Page 2

Choreographer Summary

  • Dynamic Founder, Managing Director, and Choreographer with expertise in creative leadership and artistic innovation.
  • Prepared to bring more than 20 years in the artistic field to the behavioral health industry.
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Able to develop a strong rapport with people based on knowledge, professionalism, and integrity.

Choreographer Experience Statements

  • Manage performing staff, offering feedback, and enforcing deadlines.
  • Coordinate materials for dance/art festivals and awards, including Cities Day, Festival of Day, Park Art Festival, Park Music Festival, and Dances on the Street.
  • Develop start-up and scaling cost estimates for business plans proposed to venture capital firms.
  • Create shot lists, book talent, locations, and prepare location and set for shooting. Partner with venues and performers to achieve complete production.
  • Implement client training (business and technical) and supervise software integration on client’s website.
  • Map process activities to desired outcomes to rectify operational inefficiencies. Collaborate with CFO to create and revise annual budget for program services.
  • Interpret clients’ needs and introduce services that will fit those requirements.
  • Track hours and expenses for each project in detail-oriented and accurate manner.
  • Perform work according to project schedules and high- quality standards.
  • Design strategic plan for component development practices to support future projects.
  • Provide language interpreting and customer service skills to clients in healthcare business sectors.
  • Maintain documentation for areas such as orders, activities, schedules, and employee performance.