Insurance Executive Resume Example

Insurance Executive Resume with job positions as Vice President in the Life Insurance industry. It would be acceptable to use this sample if you are targeting any finance or insurance related position.

The resume opens with the distinct title line “Senior Finance Executive” to identify the job target. This is followed by an executive summary that outlines experience in corporate operations and finance in the insurance industry.

The writer then provided bullet points highlighting key areas of expertise such as mergers, acquisitions, budgets, real estate, compliance and project management.

The professional experience section of this resume lists each company with a brief statement that explains their career advancement and history with the company. The paragraphs outline the scope of the position by stating the number of staff they managed as well as the size of the operating budget and reporting structure.

The bullet points represent achievements at each position. Notice how the these statements include quantified results such as spearheading a $5 million project, saving 17% in annual taxes and reducing 33% of budget through outsourcing.

Insurance Executive Resume Example

Insurance Executive Resume Example – Page 1

Insurance Executive Resume Sample

Insurance Executive Resume Example – Page 2

Insurance Executive Resume Writing

This resume example falls a little bit short of filling the second page. Filling the pages of your resume introduces a factor to determine what to include and what not to include. In a high school art class my teacher said over and over again to “use the paper.” In visual terms he was referring to providing a good aesthetic presentation using the entire paper. If your experience is too short in your relevant experience to fill the first or second page (if you started one) then you have to decide what to include or exclude in order to fill a page.

If you are going to include information from a previous but less-related position just to fill page space you should make that job description as brief as possible and not steal any attention from the major positions you wish to bring the most emphasis to. This said, you should also note that it is not recommended to include a position of this sort to begin a second page.

The executive resume includes an education section to document the MBA in Finance along with important certification and list of affiliations.