Customer Service Manager Resume Example

This resume example for Customer Service Manager begins with a summary of Billy’s applicable qualifications.

Brief statements outlining specific situations resolved in this role are listed next in a section titled “Complaint Resolution”.

His professional experience follows with his current position as a Customer Service Manager.

To detail this position, the location and dates of employment are listed with the job title.  A short paragraph outlines the scope of the job requirements.

An extensive list of bullet points follow, describing his specific duties in more detail.

Customer Service Manager Resume Example

Customer Service Manager Resume

Manager Summary

  • Customer Service Manager with experience in building productive customer-focused teams committed to achieving outstanding customer service standards.
  • Excellent planning, interpersonal, and organizational skills with proven ability to ensure strong team approach and attainment of maximum performance levels and productivity in a challenging environment.

Customer Service Experience Statements

  • Created customer service email scripts used across the company to interact with customers.
  • Developed customer service representative training manual.
  • Answered an average 50+ calls per day from consumers and customers related to orders, product inquiries, and order/shipping issues.
  • Achieved 97% average customer satisfaction rating, surpassing team goal by 12%.
  • Pioneered development of improved system for following up with unsatisfied customers, reducing customer churn by 6%
  • Manage the appropriate help and advice to customers and lead a team of customer service staff.
  • Manage the receipt and processing of all consumer calls, emails, letters, face-to-face and warranty issues related to products assuring customer satisfaction.
  • Train team to deliver a high standard of customer service.
  • Analyze data to determine the level of customer service your organization is providing
  • Handle any customer complaints or any major incidents, such as a safety issue or a customer being taken ill.
  • Keep accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers
  • Investigate and solve customers’ difficulties, which may be complex or long-standing problems that have been passed on by customer service assistants
  • Created new and modified existing customer service procedures, policies and standards for your department
  • Keep customer/consumer information (including routing guides and/or packing instructions as well as pricing) updated in Oracle.
  • Advise on the research and review of all claims related to pricing, inventory and invoice discrepancies and short-payments.