Asset Management Resume Example


The image below represents a resume for an Asset Management Executive with over two decades of experience in high level financial management.

The resume uses a job title heading to identify the job seeker’s career. A bullet list summary highlights major areas of importance. The first line explains how this professional primarily manages loans, commercial real estate and development projects for multi-family portfolios. Specific financial responsibilities are documented in the summary. The writer also highlights the scope of their work by quantifying the value of assets as $4 billion.

The remainder of the resume includes a reverse chronological listing of job positions with the most important, relevant positions in asset management at the top. In these positions, starting from 2005, the writer uses an italic paragraph to describe core duties. The bullets under the paragraph are used to excentuate specific achievements. The previous positions from 1993 to 2005 provide brief descriptions of similar in asset management. It is not necessary to go into more detail on the older positions. The resume is concluded with an Education system that includes a BBA in Finance /Real Estate and relevant training.

resume asset management executive

Asset Management Resume – Page 1

asset management resume example

Asset Management Resume – Page 2

Asset Management Resume Example Statements

  • Charged with accountability for providing strategic leadership to multi-family real-estate development firm.
  • Oversaw all acquisition, management, and development of commercial properties and loans.
  • Provided underwriting due diligence for CMBS offerings and acquisition of commercial real estate deals.
  • Lead Asset Managers during litigation, foreclosure, and portfolio liquidation proceedings with focus on delivering maximum ROI to investors.
  • Reviewed and approved disposition strategies, contracts, appraisals, and BPO’s.
  • Directed asset management for commercial real estate and defaulted loan acquisitions in the US and abroad.
  • Worked with investment firms and private real estate investors providing due diligence, and underwriting functions for the acquisition and management of real estate portfolios.
  • Provided due diligence expertise and underwriting for acquisitions.
  • Designed turnaround strategies for REO and provided due diligence expertise.

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