Technical Manager Resume Example


Example resume for technical management professional serving as Information Technology Manager. This is a good general sample for any IT manager position.

The summary provides a description of the job seeker’s background as program manager with expertise in planning, development and implementation of information technology software systems. They use bullet points to emphasize key points and bold to make it stand out effectively.

Right from the start of the summary the job seeker quantifies their results by stating that they secured $3 million in capital to produce $17 million in value. Other achievements include utilization of advanced technologies, risk mitigation and exceeding goals.

The experience section outlines responsibilities such as planning, risk management, budgeting and best practices. The bullets in experience section document additional quantified accomplishments such as cost savings in dollars or productivity in percentage terms.

Technical Manager Resume Example

Technical Manager Resume Example

Technical Manager Resume Statements

  • Oversee the evaluation, deployment and administration of all Information Technology software, hardware, database and network systems within the corporation.
  • Design new innovative systems with advanced technology utilizing internal resources, external software, independent contractors and third party consulting firms.
  • Determine all IT policies and procedures with oversight for administration of user permissions, security levels and technical accountability.
  • Oversee all systems administration, server monitoring, storage, backup / recovery, data migration and IP phone system with goal of 100% uptime for business continuity.
  • Recruit, train and mentor all IT staff members, developing teams and leaders to ensure that business value is maximized and IT goals are achieved.
  • Plan and design IT systems architecture, operating platform and network systems infrastructure.
  • Manage development and implementation network infrastructure engineering including network server system, WAN, LAN, and web architectures.
  • Provide oversight for IT operations, support desk, service calls and escalated problem resolution.

Technical Manager Resume Example By Advantage Resumes

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