CDL Truck Driver Resume Example

The summary of this resume showcases the CDL, HAZMAT, and clean driving record. The “Core Qualifications” section contains skill-based keywords such as cargo handling and rail transportation.

The driver lists over-the-road experience along with a clean motor vehicle record. Lastly, they document customer service and knowledge of DOT regulations. The experience area lists the jobs as a commercial truck driver and asset protection associate. The statements include the primary role and responsibilities.

The training section documents a Certificate of Completion for commercial education.

CDL Truck Driver Resume Example

CDL Truck Driver Resume Example

Summary of Truck Driver Resume Example

  • Truck Driver with expertise in operating 18-wheelers and box trucks. Clean driving record, CDL and current HAZMAT Endorsement.
  • Skilled at promoting customer retention, assisting with loading and unloading and completing precise logs and paperwork.
  • Vast knowledge of business operations and transportation management.

Experience Statements

  • Followed welders on pipeline observing situation in case of fire and prepared to extinguish fire.
  • Maintained records required for compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Exceeded specific team goals, partnering with staff to share and implement best practices.
  • Transported crews to trains in remote areas and provided prompt and courteous customer service to railroad crews.
  • Assisted in breaking down and putting train together and employed best inventory packing with zero complaints, hazards, incidents or lost-time accidents.

Writing a Truck Driver Resume

Are you a skilled truck driver looking to take your career to the next level? With the growing demand for transportation services, there has never been a better time to showcase your expertise in a well-crafted resume.

A successful truck driver resume should highlight your Cdl class, specialized skills, and relevant experience to stand out among other applicants and catch the attention of hiring managers.

This article will guide you through the essential elements of a winning resume in 2023. From formatting to language, we will provide tips and advice to help you create a standout resume that will pass the ATS test and secure your next job.

Whether you are an experienced truck driver or just starting in the industry, our tips will help you get your dream job and advance your career. So, let’s get started!

What Does a Truck Driver Do?

In a delivery truck, you’ll deliver goods and raw materials to and from manufacturing plants, retail and distribution centers, and other locations.

You’ll also be required to inspect your vehicle for malfunctions and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Additionally, you’ll need to plan routes and meet delivery schedules, navigating traffic, weather, and other obstacles to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

Transporting Finished Goods and Raw Materials

You’ll be responsible for safely transporting finished goods and raw materials to their destinations, ensuring timely delivery, and maintaining the integrity of the cargo. This is a crucial aspect of the job description, and it’s essential to highlight your experience in transporting these types of materials on your resume.

Additionally, if you have experience transporting hazardous materials, mention this as well, as it can be a valuable asset to potential employers.

In addition to safely transporting goods, drivers must ensure their vehicle’s proper maintenance. This includes regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep to ensure the safety and efficiency of the truck.

When creating your resume, highlight your experience in vehicle maintenance and any relevant certifications you may have. Employers want to know they can rely on you to deliver their goods safely and care for their valuable equipment.

Inspecting vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues and performing preventative maintenance

Before hitting the road, it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape by inspecting for mechanical issues and potential safety hazards in a pre-trip inspection and performing necessary maintenance to ensure a smooth and successful journey.

Including information about your vehicle inspection and preventative maintenance experience on your resume can be valuable when applying for jobs. Highlighting your attention to detail and ability to identify and fix issues can demonstrate your driving skills and dedication to safety on the road.

In addition to showcasing your skills and experience, it’s important to follow federal regulations and maintain a valid commercial driver’s license. Employers want to know that their drivers know and comply with vehicle maintenance and safety regulations.

Make sure your resume shows info about your adherence to federal regulations and any specialized certifications or training you’ve received can further enhance your resume and make you a top candidate for potential employers.

Planning Routes and Meeting Delivery Schedules

When hitting the road, it’s crucial to map out efficient routes and ensure timely deliveries, all while managing unexpected obstacles and maintaining a professional demeanor. This is where your route planning and time management skills come into play.

Your resume should showcase your ability to plan routes that avoid hazards and ensure on-time delivery, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction. Additionally, your driving record should demonstrate your reliability when meeting delivery schedules.

To excel as a delivery driver, you must adapt to unexpected changes in traffic, weather, or delivery locations. Your ability to communicate effectively with shippers and receivers will ensure that deliveries are made on time and according to schedule.

When creating your resume, highlight your experience managing delivery schedules and navigating obstacles and your proficiency in using GPS and other route-planning tools. By showcasing your skills in this area, you can demonstrate to potential employers that you have what it takes to be successful and reliable.

How To Put Skills on a Truck Driver Resume

Highlighting your skills on a job-winning resume can set you apart from the competition in your job search and give you a leg up in the competitive field of truck driving.

The skills section of a resume should highlight any relevant talents or aptitudes that weren’t covered in the employment or education section. Soft skills such as communication, time management, and organization are essential and should be included in the skills section of the resume.

Drivers of heavy goods vehicles should also include their CDL license in the skills section of their resume. This license is a requirement for all lorry drivers and is a necessary qualification for employers.

Entry-level trucker resumes can include less relevant work experience, but it’s essential to highlight any skills or accomplishments that could be useful in the job description. Use strong action verbs to describe your skills and achievements, and ensure your resume format is easy to read and follow.

In summary, the skills section of a resume is an integral part of the job application process. Ensure to include relevant information, such as soft skills and your CDL license. Use a job-winning resume format and tailor your resume to the specific job description.

A well-written and well-designed truck driver resume can increase your chances of landing your dream job.

What’s the Best Format for a Commercial Truck Driver Resume?

Now that you know how to put your skills on a resume, it’s time to focus on the best format for a resume. As an HGV driver, your resume must be professional, easy to read, and tailored to each job application.

The best format for your resume is reverse-chronological, meaning you start with your most recent job and work backward. This format lets the hiring manager first see your most recent driving work.

A professional resume template can also help your resume stand out to hiring managers. There are many resume samples and templates available online. Choosing a template that is easy to read, professional-looking, and showcases your skills and experience is essential.

A well-designed resume can make a positive first impression and increase your chances of getting an interview.

In addition to using the best format and a professional resume template, it’s important to follow other resume tips and highlight your skills. Tailor your resume to each job application and include keywords matching the job requirements.

Use strong action verbs to describe your accomplishments, and be as specific as possible. Following these tips and using a professional resume can increase your chances of landing your next truck driving job.

What To Write In Your Truck Driver Experience Section

Get ready to showcase your impressive experience and skills as a road warrior in your resume’s experience section because you’ll shine and blow potential employers away!

Start by listing your previous job titles, the names of the companies you’ve worked for, and the dates you were employed. Then, use bullet points to describe your specific job duties and accomplishments.

Be sure to highlight your experience with delivering freight, especially hazardous materials. If you have any certifications or special training related to these types of deliveries, mention them. Additionally, emphasize your clean driving record and any awards or recognition you’ve received for safe driving.

Remember, the experience section is your chance to sell yourself as a top-notch commercial driver. Be specific about your job duties and accomplishments, and use strong action verbs to describe your achievements. This will show potential employers that you’re not just a driver but a skilled and dedicated professional who can help their company succeed.

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Truck Driver Resume

You’ll want to focus on the essential skills and action verbs that’ll make your experience section stand out and grab the attention of potential employers.

To create an impressive resume, it’s essential to highlight your driving skills. These include handling different types of vehicles, loading and unloading cargo, knowledge of equipment, and navigating challenging routes. Additionally, mention your recent experience, including the types of loads you’ve hauled, the distance you’ve covered, and your achievements on the road.

Use the job description to look for specific action verbs the employer uses and incorporate them into your resume objective and experience section. Some standard action verbs for a commercial driver include delivering, transporting, inspecting, maintaining, and communicating. These verbs help convey your experience and show you have the necessary skills to perform the job.

In the education section, ensure your resume shows any certifications or training courses you’ve completed, such as a commercial driver’s license or specialized certifications for transporting hazardous materials. Highlighting your skills and experience in these areas can help make your resume stand out and increase your chances of getting a job offer and landing the job.

Tips for Writing a Better Truck Driver Resume

If you want to make your job application stand out and increase your chances of landing a career in the trucking industry, consider incorporating specific action verbs and highlighting your recent experience and achievements on the road.

When creating a commercial driver resume, make sure your resume is easy to read, visually appealing, and tailored to the driver job you’re applying for. Emphasize your hours-of-service, track record of safe driving, timely deliveries, and efficient route planning.

It’s also important to include any specialized certifications you may have obtained, such as tanker, hazmat, or inspection endorsements, and any other pertinent information. These certifications can let potential employers see your experience and demonstrate and let them know that you’re a professional who takes safety seriously and is committed to following industry regulations.

Include any relevant volunteer or community service experience in your truck driver resume. This showcases your dedication to the profession and community.

A professional truck driver resume should effectively highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications to stand out in a competitive job market.


Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to create a winning professional truck driver resume to help you land your dream job.

With the right truck driving skills, format, and experience, you can make your resume stand out and impress hiring managers. Remember to use action verbs and critical skills to make your resume more compelling and tailor it to the job you’re applying for.

Crafting a resume is like driving a truck – it requires skill, precision, and attention to detail. But with practice and dedication, you can master both and succeed.

So, rev up your engines and prepare to hit the road to your next career move. Good luck!