CDL Truck Driver

CDL Truck Driver Resume Example

The summary of this resume showcases the CDL, HAZMAT, and clean driving record.

The “Core Qualifications” section contains skill based keywords such as cargo handling and rail transportation.

The driver lists over the road experience along with a clean motor vehicle record. Lastly, they document customer service and knowledge of DOT regulations.

The experience area lists the jobs as a commercial truck driver and asset protection associate. The statements include the primary role and responsibilities.

The training section documents a Certificate of Completion for commercial education.

CDL Truck Driver Resume Example

CDL Truck Driver Resume Example


  • Truck Driver with expertise in operating 18-wheelers and box trucks. Clean driving record, CDL and current HAZMAT Endorsement.
  • Skilled at promoting customer retention, assisting with loading and unloading and completing precise logs and paperwork.
  • Vast knowledge of business operations and transportation management.

Experience Statements

  • Followed welders on pipeline observing situation in case of fire and prepared to extinguish fire.
  • Maintained records required for compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Exceeded specific team goals, partnering with staff to share and implement best practices.
  • Transported crews to trains in remote areas and provided prompt and courteous customer service to railroad crews.
  • Assisted in breaking down and putting train together and employed best inventory packing with zero complaints, hazards, incidents or lost-time accidents.

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