Warehouse Manager Resume Example

This page includes a Warehouse Manager Resume Example that was created for a client hoping to find a management position in Distribution & Logistics.

While this client has worked for over 30 years, work history was not always relevant to his current career interests. For this reason, it was decided to go in-depth on his three most recent positions while simply listing the older positions in an Early Career Summary section. The three most recent positions are relevant and also include some impressive, quantifiable accomplishments.

This client did a nice job saving money, meeting deadlines and increasing efficiency.  Bullet points were bolded for emphasis. These proven results would interest any employer.

Prior to his Professional Work History, an introductory objective paragraph and Core Competencies were listed. These were specifically chosen to reflect a combination of past performance and responsibilities that he feels he is able to handle in his next role.

The resume concluded with an Education and Relevant Coursework section, which was included because the job seeker has taken courses that are noteworthy even if they didn’t result in a degree.

Warehouse Manager Resume Example

Warehouse Manager Resume Example

Warehouse Manager Resume Summary Statements

  • Highly innovative and effective Director of Operations Manager specializing in distribution and logistics.
  • Offering an array of critical skills in labor management, quality assurance, change management, leadership, facilities management and accurate data tracking.
  • Consistently credited for effective management and trusted with additional responsibility.
  • Proven track record of success in managing large distribution centers and ensuring efficient results across widespread operations.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in partnering with leadership to maximize employee production.

Warehouse Manager Resume Experience Statements

  • Responsible for managing a 100,000 square foot distribution center that services five local and out of state sales locations with a team of 40 associates from over ten departments.
  • Implement continuous improvements to drive cultural change and ensure all key performance indicators are met.
  • Work closely with national sales team on forecasting, budgeting and reporting ensuring efficiency.
  • Define training and development programs to confirm safety rules are followed and provide employee coaching.
  • Performed Lean Six Sigma Kaizen Event that increased efficiency by 10% by redesigning warehouse product layout.
  • Guaranteed Environmental and Global Control Standards were met during execution of operational financial plan.
  • Saved $30,000 by coming in 3% under 2014 Operational and Labor Plan as part of $2 million operating budget.
  • Improved productivity via accurate forecasting, streamlined scheduling and effective profit/loss management.
  • Reduced warehouse inventory shrink by 39% over previous year.
  • Designed new Production Team process that yielded significant cost savings and increased productivity by 30%.
  • Installed new Production and Distribution Control System that reduced planning time by 80%, increased on-time delivery reliability by over 30% and reduced errors in shipping and receiving by over 50%.
  • Managed several capital projects that totaled over $7 million in a two-year period.
  • Enforced new safety program that led to 25% reduced waste, 70% reduced lost-time accidents and 90% reduced OT.
  • Proposed cost saving initiatives on controllable line items, negotiated vendor contracts and developed RFP’s as part of $10 million annual operating budget.