Catering Manager Resume Example

This page includes an example of a resume for an executive professional with background in Catering Management. The page can also be useful if you are in hospitality, event planning or restaurant business.

The introduction of the resume uses job title headlines as Caterer and Coordinator. A paragraph summary with bullet point lists of qualifications concludes the introduction.

This section outlines expertise in catering, menu planning, coordination, event planning, operations management and vendor negotiation.

The experience section provides statements that describe the scope of work at each job position, along with duties and responsibilities. The bullet point statements below the paragraph highlight achievements and awards.

The job candidate also lists their Education background which includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Associates of Applied Science degree in Hospitality Management.

Catering Resume Example

Catering Resume Example

Catering Resume Statements

  • Highly accomplished caterer with 10 years of experience designing menus and preparing dishes from gatherings over 100 people.
  • Create and prepare menus including all appetizers, entrees and desserts.
  • Negotiate with vendors to get the best prices and improve logistics of raw meats and fish, while also ensuring freshness.
  • Design, plan and cater full buffets for in-house events.
  • Coordinate with accounting to ensure accurate billing and invoicing.
  • Serve as last line of customer service, handling escalated issues with guests, clients, vendors or other contractors.
  • Experienced catering weddings, parties, corporate meetings, conferences, banquets and other special events.
  • Planned, inventories and delivered ingredients to events to ensure proper quantities and quality.
  • Planned and executed all pre-event preparation to reduce time on catering day.
  • Setup and utilize kitchen equipment such as mixers, knives, refrigerator and ice chests. Oversee logistics of plates, glasses and silverware.