Police Commander Resume Example

This Police Resume Example for professional with experience in law enforcement. This professional has held job positions as Policeman, Investigator and Field Office Special Agent.

The resume uses a job field headline with a summary paragraph. Core areas of strength are listed in bullet points below the summary.

The job seeker outlines experience in law enforcement, intelligence, resource management, crisis management, evidence collection and security. The job seeker also emphasizes professional business skills such as budgeting, administration, personnel management and policy / procedures.

The experience section includes paragraphs that describe law enforcement responsibilities with bullet points that outline special investigations and projects.

The job candidates has a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Communications with advanced training in Law Enforcement and Public Relations.

Police Resume Example

Police Resume Example

Police Resume Statements

  • Self-motivated leader with strong work ethic, able to perform well in emergency situations.
  • Solves complex problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Proven ability to act quickly and make the right decision when under pressure.
  • Teach crime prevention for neighborhood watch.
  • Recruit and train new police offers on weapons, arrest procedures and firearm safety.
  • Accustomed to patrolling high crime rate areas on foot and in automobiles.
  • Oversee investigation at crime scenes including interview and interrogation of suspects.
  • Care for injured people, providing first aid and CPR if necessary.
  • Communicate, interview and work diligently to seek the truth from witnesses and victims.
  • Create and prepare documentation including traffic tickets, police reports and court documents.
  • Conducted a variety of conferences and public speaking engagements at schools and community events.

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