Dental Hygienist Resume Example

Resume Example for professional Dental Hygienist. This is a useful resource for any Dental or Medical specialist.

The job seeker uses a standard experience heading with company names, titles and dates of employment. The experience section outlines specific skills in cavity prevention, charting, dental examination and dental equipment.

General health care knowledge also lists items such as x-ray development and management of patient records.

The education section documents that the job seeker has a B. S. in Biology. The additional skills provide knowledge of specific equipment and software related to dental care.

The last item displays that they candidate is a Registered Dental Hygienist in the State of New York.

Dental Hygienist Resume Example

Dental Hygienist Resume Example

Dental Hygienist Resume Statements

  • Provide dental hygiene treatments to patients of mid sized dental office.
  • Evaluate new patients and formulate plan to optimize patient’s dental health.
  • Identify cases of periodontal disease, tooth decay, gum disease, plaque build up, oral abnormalities and oral cancer.
  • Review medical and dental history of patient in order to identify past and present conditions.
  • Examine oral cavity and document status of teeth, condition of gums and any abnormalities in the mouth.
  • Schedule sequence of appointments to address dental issues, perform treatments and execute cleanings.
  • Provide treatments by providing prophylaxis, fluoride, cleaning, polishing and periodontal scaling.
  • Consult clients on good oral hygiene, brushing techniques, medication and other self applied treatments.
  • Counsel patients on the hazards of tobacco and other hygiene issues.
  • Support dentists in training of dental staff members and dental assistants.

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