Social Worker

Social Worker Resume Example

The resume is for a job seeker that is in the beginning of their career of social work.

They specialize in working with children and have focused their attention in treating everyday issues that arise with children and young adults.

This candidate seeks to continue deriving solutions to common issues children face.

The resume emphasizes the importance placed on the treatment being a team effort which includes the child’s families, doctors, teachers and other mental health providers.

Social Worker Resume Example

Social Worker Resume Example

Social Worker Resume Summary Statements

  • A compassionate, educated social worker who specializes in treating children and young adults in an academic environment.
  • Focuses on helping children find solutions to everyday problems and cope with circumstances they experience.
  • Treats the social, mental and emotional struggles of regular and semi-regular patients.
  • Intake new students, evaluating their needs and designing a custom treatment plan to find resolution to their emotional and mental issues.
  • Consult with student’s teachers and guardians to record information about their progress and behavior as treatment progresses.
  • Maintain detailed case history, recording thoughtful analysis of student’s treatment.
  • Made referrals to family members to seek help outside of school for family counseling, prioritizing the child’s needs.
  • Collaborate with public agencies, educational institutions and medical providers to share information and create most effective course of action.
  • Assisted social workers in writing up paperwork for new patients, evaluating past medical records and developing a course of action.

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