Entrepreneur – Founder Resume Example

This entrepreneur resume was interesting because the professional didn’t have a specific objective in mind for their next project/job.

Instead, the candidate was keeping their options open and wanted to be ready when the next big opportunity came along. The resume is for an owner and founder of two successful companies including public relations, so there was a clear capability to be highly successful. The job seeker just needed the right resume to portray all of this to future employers or partners.

Due to the openness of future business interests, the resume began with a Summary of Qualifications section that would highlight exactly how talented and successful this owner has been in numerous areas. The writer didn’t want the reader to immediately focus on specific positions in fear of her being typecast into these positions.

The second page mainly addressed the vast experiences in different areas of business. The resume ends with educational history, which only needed to be brief. This helps highlight the  qualifications and impressive experience of the candidate.

Entrepreneur Resume Example Business

Entrepreneur Resume Example – Page 1

Entrepreneur Resume Example - Owner

Entrepreneur Resume Example – Page 2

Entrepreneur Resume Summary Statements

  • Public Relations and Communication: Excellence in written and verbal communication, public speaking and negotiating
  • Problem Solving, Teaching, Coaching, and Process Improvement
  • Purveyor of Mentorship, Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement
  • Fundraising: Deck development, financial analysis, financial planning, budgeting, sales and negotiation
  • Organizational strategy, policy and procedure development
  • Strategic market development and growth, including communications planning, writing, design and distribution
  • Analytics and Reporting throughout traditional and digital media
  • Employee Relations: Best practices for hiring and firing, employment issues and legal solutions
  • Business Development: Contract and deal creation, sales and strategic partnership negotiation
  • Technology and Design Proficient: Full adobe creative suite; HTML/JAVA/CSS/PHP