Lead Graphic Designer Resume Example


The lead graphic designer resume example below is for a candidate that is looking to expand their professional experience to gain more industry experience across their multiple skills, including video animation.

Having experience in print and digital media has prepared the candidate to contribute on a larger scale, and as a creative individual, the candidate hopes to try out other positions where they may contribute to content development on new platforms.

The computer professional is educated and innovative, continually improving their skills to move into new and better roles.

With the help of a job throughout college in their industry, this graphic designer was able to exit college and take on a higher level role with leadership responsibilities.

Lead Graphic Designer Resume Example

Lead Graphic Designer Resume Example

Lead Graphic Designer Resume Statements

  • Spearhead the creative content for web and print departments of major tech company.
  • Develop innovative packaging for web-based tech software products.
  • Manage client relations and expectations to build projects around vision, an accurate scope and an organized project plan.
  • Delegate design tasks to junior designers including pagination, editing and image manipulation.
  • Oversee the production of final designs and communicate all necessary changes.
  • Contribute to a fast-paced creative team through development of content for monthly print publications and weekly web updates.
  • Maintain specific webpages for publication’s website.
  • Designed on-brand elements to incorporate in print and digital ads for subscription.
  • Drew up new brand guidelines and communicate throughout design department.
  • Formatted and corrected images for use in print publication

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