Executive Sales Resume Example

Resume example for executive with professional experience as Vice President, Director and Head of Sales. This document would be a good reference for high level positions in sales, business development and global account management.

This resume begins with a summary that uses 3 key statements to identify this job seeker’s qualifications. The summary emphasizes their ability to produce revenue, pursue initiatives and lead groups in attaining sales goals.

The summary is followed by an area of expertise that provides a quick glimpse of experience in strategic sales, business development, product management and other areas.

The experience section uses bullet points to describe the role at each company and identify the size of the business / products. The responsibilities are followed by a list of key achievements in italics. The writer makes sure to quantify results by including dollar value of revenue improvement and percentage gains in market share / volume goals. Other accomplishments includes successful projects, increase in client activity, development of new relationships and multi-million dollar sales improvement.

The resume concludes with a formal education section to document the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Executive Sales Resume Example

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Executive Sales Resume Example

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Executive Sales Resume Writing

It’s hard to give advice to Executive level sales professionals. These are individuals that know their profession and are incredible at what they do. And generally, in our experience writing resumes, these people know what they have achieved and its easy to make the resume look good.

The one mistake we see is that sometimes high level sales professionals will take too much space describing their basic duties. It’s necessary to outline the scope of your job, the area covered, the people supervised and the financial responsibilities. However, the key to a new job is highlighting the sales success by clearly explaining the dollar amounts and percentage increases. Basically, you need statements that show how you landed a Fortune 500 account, that resulted in $20 million in annual revenues and 15% increase in total sales volume. That is an example of success that will impress any potential employer.

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