Patient Care Assistant

Patient Care Assistant Resume Example - CNA

This Patient Care Assistant Resume Example is for a CNA that is looking to make a lateral move to a new facility.

Their skills and personality shine through the resume to instill confidence in the reader that they have great bedside manner and knowledge of medicine.

The candidate has shown their dedication to assisting and caring for patients, and ability to fulfill the job required. For medical resumes like these, it is necessary to include all qualifications, certifications, and associations that improve your standing in the medical community.

If multiple similar jobs are held over the course of many years, they may be consolidated to reflect only the main achievements and responsibilities across that time period.

Patient Care Assistant Resume Example - CNA

Patient Care Assistant Resume Example

Patient Care Assistant Resume Example Statements

  • Assisted residents and staff medical professionals with daily living activities.
  • Contributed assistance during community activities including exercise, meal times, and special group events to gather residents and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • Displayed physical ability to lift, push, and move quickly in all necessary circumstances.
  • Communicated thoroughly and efficiently; maintained residents’ health records.
  • Oversaw the administration of treatment care, adhering to and enforcing facility’s policies, HIPPA and all proper safety procedures.
  • Saw to the well being and safety of all residents in my care through evening shift.
  • Responded quickly and accurately to high pressure situations to deliver best possible care.
  • Maintained an overall pleasant, clean, and positive atmosphere for residents to live full and happy lives under our care

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