Network Engineer Resume Example

Example of resume for network engineering professional with experience as Technical Specialist. This is a good reference for computer repair, networking and general IT positions.

The summary focuses on Novell networks and includes skills such as server installation, troubleshooting, consulting, project planning, training and technical support.

After the summary, the job seeker lists all their knowledge of specific networks, operating systems, software programs and hardware.

The job descriptions have standard titles with a paragraph that further details specific duties at the two previous positions. The bullet points highlight achievements and key projects. You can see in the last bullet of the most recent job how the job seeker quantified results. They noted that they saved $2 million in expenses by finding the right hardware without compromising quality.

Network Engineer Resume Example

Network Engineer Resume Page 1

Network Engineer Resume Example

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Network Engineer Resume Statements

  • Highly skilled in the design and deployment of large scale local and wide area network systems including TCP/IP, Subnetting, DNS, DHCP, xDSL, T1 and DS3.
  • Known for having an extreme attention to detail, capable of thinking independently and quickly resolving critical network issues.
  • Expert knowledge of Cisco systems with CCIE and CCNP certifications.
  • Recognized for exceptional analytical and problem solving skills with a proven ability to identify and resolve root cause outages or performance issues.
  • Design and maintain comprehensive reports on ccapacity utilization and load balancing.
  • Implement layer 3 routing and layer 2 switching with dynamic routing protocols.
  • Set up and configure security systems, anti-virus, control software and firewalls to stop potential intrusions.
  • Deploy, configure and administer user policies, rights and permissions.