High Level Executive Resume Example


Below you will see a resume for a high level executive that has held multiple prestigious titles including CEO and CFO of a large corporation. This sample is an ideal format for anyone with a long career as an upper level executive background for the same company.

The resume uses an executive summary format and keys on the most important areas of a wide reaching range of responsibility. The documents highlights strategic marketing, brand management, finance, operations and product development. The summary also mentions on other areas of expertise such as government contracting which will help target this resume for any position that would heavily deal with government as a vendor. You will also notice that the resume is staying focused on the bottom line by accentuating growth and expansion.

This professional has been at the executive level since 1992 so the bulk of the body of the experience is focused on one company. The job summary is brief but mentions the overall annual sales to give some scope to the position held. The bullet points feature the major areas of impact such as public relations, change management and personnel development. The job involved responsibility for multi-million sales in both finance and marketing capacities. Therefore, the writer chose to outline the growth of sales using a table below the bullet points.

Since the job spanned over 20 years, it was very appropriate to list a large number of achievements. In order to break it down even further, the writer used functional areas to demonstrate two to five achievements that proved success in each of the core areas: Business and Product Development; Operations and Fiscal Management; Marketing and Branding; Personnel Development; and Government Contracting.

The remaining sections of the resume list the major affiliations related to the industry. Also a number of top end awards made it necessary to include Awards as its own sub heading. Education and Training lists the MBA and BS in Business Administration.

High Level Executive Resume Example

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High Level Executive Resume Sample

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High Level Executive Resume Example Resume Statements

  • Negotiated multi-million contract with AAA corporation that enabled company to cut costs by 12%.
  • Directed operations and long term strategic planning of marketing division with full P&L responsibility.
  • Expanded product line into Europe and Asia, increasing revenues by 75% over a two year period.
  • Created innovative marketing plans designed to spur growth in new vertical markets.
  • Introduced operational efficiency program that led to 15% decrease in overhead.
  • Turned around company by deploying new state of the art manufacturing automation systems that enabled 300% increase in production.
  • Served as key member of product development team in the creation of new flagship product that increased revenues by 37%.

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