High Level Executive Resume Example

Below you will see a resume for a high level executive that has held multiple prestigious titles including CEO and CFO of a large corporation. This sample is an ideal format for anyone with a long career as an upper level executive background for the same company.

The resume uses an executive summary format and keys on the most important areas of a wide reaching range of responsibility. The documents highlights strategic marketing, brand management, finance, operations and product development. The summary also mentions on other areas of expertise such as government contracting which will help target this resume for any position that would heavily deal with government as a vendor. You will also notice that the resume is staying focused on the bottom line by accentuating growth and expansion.

This professional has been at the executive level since 1992 so the bulk of the body of the experience is focused on one company. The job summary is brief but mentions the overall annual sales to give some scope to the position held. The bullet points feature the major areas of impact such as public relations, change management and personnel development. The job involved responsibility for multi-million sales in both finance and marketing capacities. Therefore, the writer chose to outline the growth of sales using a table below the bullet points.

Since the job spanned over 20 years, it was very appropriate to list a large number of achievements. In order to break it down even further, the writer used functional areas to demonstrate two to five achievements that proved success in each of the core areas: Business and Product Development; Operations and Fiscal Management; Marketing and Branding; Personnel Development; and Government Contracting.

The remaining sections of the resume list the major affiliations related to the industry. Also a number of top end awards made it necessary to include Awards as its own sub heading. Education and Training lists the MBA and BS in Business Administration.

High Level Executive Resume Example

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High Level Executive Resume Sample

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High Level Executive Resume Example Resume Statements

  • Negotiated multi-million contract with AAA corporation that enabled company to cut costs by 12%.
  • Directed operations and long term strategic planning of marketing division with full P&L responsibility.
  • Expanded product line into Europe and Asia, increasing revenues by 75% over a two year period.
  • Created innovative marketing plans designed to spur growth in new vertical markets.
  • Introduced operational efficiency program that led to 15% decrease in overhead.
  • Turned around company by deploying new state of the art manufacturing automation systems that enabled 300% increase in production.
  • Served as key member of product development team in the creation of new flagship product that increased revenues by 37%.

High Level Executive Resume Writing Guide

Are you a high level executive looking to make a lasting impression with your resume? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through creating a winning resume to set you apart from the competition.

A high level executive resume requires careful attention to detail and a focus on showcasing your strengths and achievements. With the help of a resume builder, you can easily create a professional and polished resume highlighting your experience and skills.

The best format is one that is clear and easy to read. Use a trusted layout with big headings, clear fonts, and plenty of white space. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, and save your resume as a PDF to ensure formatting preservation.

When writing your summary, focus on impressive metrics and achievements that will capture the attention of hiring managers. Prove your experience and skills by highlighting executive duties and responsibilities, researching the company’s goals and challenges, and showcasing specific accomplishments and results.

In the skills section, include relevant skills that align with the job description and prove your fit for the position.

With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to creating a resume that gets you noticed.

How Is a High Level Executive Resume Different?

When crafting a high level executive resume, you must understand how it differs from a regular resume and ensure that you convey your strengths and accomplishments concisely and impactfully.

A high level executive resume is tailored explicitly for executive-level positions, such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Chief Operating Officer (COO). It goes beyond a regular resume’s basic format and structure to showcase your extensive experience and leadership skills.

To create a high level executive resume, including executive resume samples and examples as references is essential. These can guide you on the appropriate format, content, and style. Additionally, it is crucial to highlight your executive-level responsibilities, achievements, and skills. This can be done by focusing on specific accomplishments, such as revenue growth, cost savings, or successful business initiatives.

A high level executive resume is distinct from a regular resume as it is designed explicitly for executive-level positions. By incorporating executive resume examples and emphasizing your relevant experience and achievements, you can create a compelling resume that showcases your suitability for these roles.

What’s the Best Format for a High Level Executive Resume?

Opting for a refined layout and employing a professional resume template is crucial in crafting an impactful document that effectively showcases your extensive experience and accomplishments in a leadership role. Choosing a format that presents your information clearly and is organized makes it easy for recruiters to assess your qualifications quickly.

One popular format for your resume is the reverse chronological format. This format first highlights your most recent experience, allowing recruiters to see your career progression and impact in each role.

Another option is the functional format, which focuses on your skills and areas of expertise, allowing you to showcase your strengths and accomplishments.

Regardless of your chosen format, including an executive summary at the beginning of your resume is essential. This section briefly overviews your qualifications and serves as a hook to grab the recruiter’s attention. Tailor your executive summary to the specific job description, highlighting your relevant skills and accomplishments.

In addition to the main sections of your resume, such as experience and education, consider including a section for certifications or additional qualifications. This can demonstrate your commitment to professional development and showcase your expertise in specific areas.

Remember, your resume should accompany a well-crafted cover letter highlighting your qualifications and explaining why you are the perfect fit for the role. By following these guidelines and utilizing a resume template, you can create a powerful and effective resume that impresses recruiters and land interviews.

What Is a High Level Executive Resume Template?

Crafting a masterpiece of professional achievement, showcasing your extensive experience and accomplishments in a leadership role, requires using a refined and impactful document template. A template serves as a blueprint for presenting your qualifications clearly and compellingly.

A well-designed template can effectively organize your information and highlight your key strengths. A template should include a professional summary, executive experience, skills, education, and achievements. It provides a structured format that allows you to present your qualifications concisely yet comprehensively.

When searching for a template, it is essential to consider the expertise of an executive resume writer. They can provide you with resume samples and examples tailored to executive-level positions. These professionals understand the requirements and expectations of executive resume writing and can offer guidance on effectively showcasing your skills and achievements.

Additionally, a professional resume writing service can ensure your resume is polished and error-free, enhancing your chances of success.

A high level executive resume template is essential for effectively communicating your qualifications and accomplishments in a leadership role. A refined and impactful template can create a successful resume that highlights your strengths and sets you apart from other candidates.

How To Write a Summary for Your High Level Executive Resume

Unleash your potential and captivate employers with a dynamic summary that showcases your exceptional leadership and achievements. When writing your resume, the summary section is your chance to make a solid first impression and grab the attention of recruiters.

Start by highlighting your expertise in areas such as sales executive, CFO, human resources, business development, recruitment, COO, and CTO. Use powerful language and metrics to demonstrate your impact and success in previous roles.

To craft a compelling summary, research the company you’re applying to and tailor it to their goals and challenges. This shows that you understand their needs and can contribute to their success. Use keywords from the job description to emphasize your suitability for the role. Great keywords could include c-level, VP, executive level, senior executive, c-suite, and project management.

Avoid generic statements and focus on specific accomplishments and results. Quantify your achievements whenever possible to provide concrete evidence of your capabilities. For example, instead of saying “improved sales performance,” you could say “increased sales revenue by 30% within one year.”

Remember to keep your summary concise and impactful. Aim for 3-4 sentences highlighting your most relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Ultimately, your summary should convince employers that you fit the position perfectly.

Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile to align with your resume and maximize your professional online presence.

How To Put the Right Skills on a Resume for an Executive

To effectively showcase your qualifications for an executive role, ensure that your resume highlights the right skills. As a CIO or similar role, your resume should demonstrate your expertise and experience concisely and powerfully.

When crafting your resume, seeking the advice of a certified professional resume writer can be helpful. They can provide valuable insights on tailoring your resume to stand out among other candidates.

When listing your executive duties and responsibilities, focus on showcasing your ability to lead and make strategic decisions. For example, if you’re a finance executive, emphasize your financial analysis, budgeting, and risk management skills. If you’re a sales executive, highlight your ability to drive revenue growth, build and manage high-performing teams, and develop effective sales strategies.

In addition to specific executive skills, you must include keywords relevant to the job you’re applying for. Research the company’s goals and challenges to tailor your resume accordingly. By incorporating these keywords, you can demonstrate your understanding of the industry and position yourself as a strong candidate.


In conclusion, crafting a high level executive resume requires meticulous attention to detail and a strategic approach. You can create a professional and impactful document using a resume builder and following a trusted layout.

Remember to focus on a solid summary that showcases impressive metrics and achievements. Additionally, tailor your resume to the job description and company goals to demonstrate your fit and professional experience.

Lastly, don’t forget to highlight your skills and education concisely.

Did you know that 75% of high level executives consider a well-crafted resume the most critical factor in the hiring process?

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