Software Sales Executive Resume Example

Here we have provided an Executive Resume Sample for professional with experience as Vice President of Software Sales and Strategic Applications. You can use this as a resource for positions in Information Technology sales or product development.

The resume uses a headline statement to stress leadership in sales and marketing. Industry specific knowledge is listed below the headline to underscore experience in business intelligence, process management, service oriented architecture and other areas of expertise.

This software sales executive provides a formal summary that explains how this executive possesses an outstanding record of revenue growth and outlines the scope of their experience managing corporate initiatives in a diverse range of industries such as financial services and health care. Core competencies feature other attributes that are important for executives such as strategic planning, channels, OEM and lead generation.

The experience section focuses primarily on action oriented statements. These statements include quantified results. As you look down the page of content, you consistently see million dollar contracts, 82% increase in sales, 40% more revenue and several others. This really demonstrates that the candidate has the ability to drive new business through their sales efforts.

Software Sales Executive Resume Example

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Software Sales Executive Resume Sample

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Software Sales Executive Resume Writing

In this resume example we must cover the common question of how many positions to include in your resume. If you have many years of experience and have to decide where to draw the line the first factor should be evaluating the most recent but the most relevant experience.

If there is a position from seven years ago that was a short-term position or a stepping-stone to what you are doing now then this position should be the break off point. If you developed in that position and received a promotion into what you are doing now then include it and everything after. If that position does not tie directly with the job that followed it then it can be excluded. The only exception to this is if you need the additional position to fill a page.

Since this candidate has had so many jobs, details of the position are kept brief but focus on the quantified results such as percentage gains in quotas, multi-million dollar revenue growth, increase funding and successful negotiations. Older job position details are reduced and the last few jobs are listed under an additional experience section.

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