IT Help Desk Resume Example


This IT Help Desk Resume was created for an IT Analyst hoping to relocate and find a new position in her new location.

An introductory objective paragraph and Summary of Qualifications opened the resume to sufficiently highlight relevant skills and abilities to the IT field. The remaining two sections of the resume were Professional Experience and Education & Technology.

While this client does have an impressive education background (MBA and Electrical Engineering degree), the writer decided to list Professional Experience first since she has over fifteen years of relevant experience.

This client requested that we focus on her experience training employees and resolving issues, since they would like to transition into more of a training role or high-level issue resolution role moving forward. For that reason, bullet points that showcased these skills were bolded to demonstrate a pattern of success in these areas.

One challenge for this resume was that this client has not held employment since April 2015. However, the job seeker had been consistently volunteering since then as an IT Analyst, which is very relevant to the job interests. For that reason, the writer included experience volunteering within the Professional Experience so that an employment gap was not an obvious red flag.

IT Help Desk Resume Example

IT Help Desk Resume Example

IT Help Desk Resume Summary Statements

  • Highly experienced IT Professional offering an array of skills in data analytics, software development, troubleshooting, customer support satisfaction, online course facilitation and electrical engineering.
  • Proven ability to analyze and resolve any IT issue in a timely manner.
  • Designed and implemented many online courses, workshops and exams that resulted in increased student and client production.
  • Possesses international experience as trainer and information technology expert.

IT Help Desk Resume Experience Statements

  • Analyzed critical data and information to assist in achieving optimal results.
  • Facilitated Office Support Training Courses for all interested parties.
  • Perform administrative duties utilizing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus system.
  • Provide first and second level ERP and technical support for 123 HQ Emirates of City public schools.
  • Implement incident management processes for 123 based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
  • Work directly with users having issues throughout the entire problem-solving process, including identifying the problem, determining the cause, conducting an investigation, explaining steps to solve and following up on the issue.
  • Schedule on-site visits with support engineers in City, ABC and Western Region to provide support.
  • Coordinate with third party support service providers for vendor support.
  • Create performance reports on Help Desk and IT Support employees.
  • Trained all ABC staff for International Computer Driving License and Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.
  • Designed, implemented and provided support on e-learning courses, management systems and multimedia apps.
  • Evaluated e-learning course training materials, software and assessments for use in all schools.
  • Developed online course registration system and surveys.
  • Supervised execution of Intel Teach the Future program.

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