Journalist – Writer Resume Example

This Journalist Resume Example was written with an executive style summary to outline the job seeker’s overall experience.  The writer uses a two-column list of capabilities that provide  quick glance of their strengths.

This list includes areas such as financial analysis, investigative research and economic development. Business accounting and public relations are also displayed.

The statements below the introduction provide highlights of specific achievements.  Even if the reader quickly glances at this resume they should get a deep understanding of the journalism candidate’s experience and key accomplishments.

The remainder of the resume explains more detailed information for specific responsibilities within each job position.  Bullet points in the experience section document job achievements and key projects.  A formal education section is listed at the bottom of the page.

journalist resume example

Journalist Resume – Page 1

journalist resume example

Journalist Resume – Page 2

Journalist Resume Example Statements

  • Outlined investment decisions and published flash notes of company announcements in less than 30 minutes.
  • Engaged in continuous corporate news flow to shape investment decisions, providing accurate responses.
  • Conducted company research, preparing a detailed business analysis, conducting management interviews to gain key insight, performing site visits, and identifying operational and financial weaknesses.
  • Exhibited strong communication and interpersonal skills while pitching stock views to global trading desks, extracting and synthesizing information from key stakeholders.
  • Authored articles with a bottom line upfront approach to deliver information to traders in condensed briefings.
  • Enhanced the equities research team and served in a primarily autonomous role with direct or secondary coverage of 15 out of 20 listed stocks, and ad hoc coverage of the remaining five.
  • Recognized as a leading small cap property analyst through divergent and original research on lesser known stocks.
  • Acquired large cap proficiency through secondary coverage of more well-known stocks including largest ten in the sector capitalized at up to $25 billion.
  • Fostered symbiotic relationships with numerous sector research teams to fulfill recurring and ad hoc client requests.
  • Attained numerous brokerage tags, top tier rankings, and #2 Peter Lee ranking and consistently received exceeds expectations rating in annual performance reviews.
  • Invited to attend client, board, and stakeholder meetings to obtain a holistic view of transaction and drivers for financial analyses.
  • Work performance received outstanding and exceeds expectations ratings in performance review based on ability to handle increasingly complex and frequently changing scenarios.
  • Created presentations for a major financial services company.
  • Proactively contributed to HR training initiatives.