Hospital Volunteer

Resume Example for Medical Professional with job experience as Hospital Volunteer. This is an excellent reference for a nurse aid, general hospital aid, or healthcare worker with volunteering experience in a hospital or clinic setting.

This resume does not use a headline or summary. It would help make the job target stand out more. But for a volunteer position, it may not be necessary.

This resume serves as a job listing of some fairly basic jobs, many of which may be part time, which just helps prove that this individual was capable of working for multiple organizations in a variety of capacities. This is certainly ideal for someone that volunteers that may need to juggle multiple tasks.

Since some of the positions are volunteer and some are just part time, this individual did not include dates but rather included the number of years working with the organization.

Awards for volunteering, community services at a variety of clubs, charities and organizations help to solidify their role as a quality volunteer.

Hospital Volunteer Resume Example

Hospital Volunteer Resume Example

Hospital Volunteer Resume Statements

  • Assist nurses and medical staff in order to improve safety, comfort and care of patients.
  • Travel from room to room with checklists and questions designed to assist residents in daily life.
  • Display cheerful, friendly and compassionate demeanor in order to improve patient mood.
  • Provide support for volunteer services and auxiliary programs within the hospital and nursing home facilities.
  • Work with greeters at front door to take contact information and escort patients to destinations within the hospital.
  • Work with supply staff to get wheelchairs for patients and move them to various locations for tests, x-rays or scans.
  • Move patients from operating room to post op holding rooms and eventually patient room.
  • Coordinate with Emergency Room staff to stock cubicles, desks, office supplies and basic medical supplies for emergency roms.
  • Visit patient periodically to ensure they are as comfortable as possible, fetching blankets, pillows, water, reading materials and other items.

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