Security Officer Resume Example

Below you find a Security Officer Resume Example for a professional with job experience as a Private Investigator. This example serves as a good reference for anyone in security or law enforcement.

The resume uses a headline statement as well as a job title to grab the readers attention. The gray heading at the top highlights investigation, security, surveillance and loss prevention. The headline emphasizes 25 years of experience in the field.

The summary uses dashed lines to highlight qualifications such as corporate security, loss prevention and surveillance. The job candidate also demonstrates experience in criminal investigations and riot/disturbance control. Important training self defense, firearms and conflict resolution is emphasized.

The experience section emphasizes specific functional expertise with a brief statement to summarize the job position. The bullet point statements outline job duties.

The job seeker lists education and training that includes a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice, military experience and bonded private investigator.

Security Officer Resume Example

Security Officer Resume Example

Security Officer Resume Statements

  • Oversee security and guard of building complex for corporate headquarters.
  • Engage in foot patrol to check different buildings, monitor specific areas of high security and investigate suspicious activity.
  • Respond to emergency situations, call 911 and help assist anyone that is hurt.
  • Organize and log all security patrols, checkpoints and breeches.
  • Track, write and document incidents using proprietary reporting tool.
  • Trained in emergency response, CPR, first aid, tactical combat, guns, crisis intervention and hostage communications.
  • Work in front station to check and scan security badges that admit employees into the buildings and ensure all security protocols are maintained.
  • Monitor video surveillance cameras looking for potential security issues, emergencies and/or physical accidents.
  • Collaborate with police to investigate any criminal activity such as trespassing, burglary, theft or assault.

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