Store Manager Resume Example

This page displays a resume example for a Senior Retail Sales Manager with recent experience as a Store Manager.  The resume can be a useful reference for individuals looking for management job positions in retail.

The resume utilizes a paragraph summary to document 20 years of experience managing sales, finance, marketing and customer service.   The summary identifies revenue increases, operations and decision making as key points of emphasis.  Below the summary the writer uses an Areas of Expertise section with a bullet point list of key strengths such as Market Research, P&L, Organizational Development, Budgeting and Team Building.

The experience section uses a common format listing the company, location and dates. The format highlights the job title.  Paragraphs directly under the heading are used to describe major responsibilities. The top bullet points go further to define the scope of their position, such as the statement: “Directly supervise 14 associates and one department manager.”  Achievement are written below where the writer identifies the specific impact of the job seeker.  In this case, the first job shows an increase in specialty sales of 42%.  Notice how the writer quantified results whenever possible.

Older job positions that are less relevant are simply documented without a description in order to keep the resume to a reasonable length. The formal education section is available to list the degree, certificate, training and institution.

store manager resume example

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store manager resume sample

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Store Manager Resume Statements

  • Proactively target top clientele to drive revenue, and direct installation options to increase sales.
  • Directed operations within three store locations, supervising managers, providing sales technique training, and encouraging revenue growth.
  • Manage daily operations, performing a variety of administrative tasks and overseeing staff performance.
  • Drive store sales and assume direct accountability for one of the four main store zones.
  • Traveled to seven stores to conduct loss prevention audits and analyze system procedures, identifying areas of potential improvement.
  • Recruited staff and delivered outstanding operational leadership, increasing employee retention and offering key training to maintain annual revenues.
  • Encouraged aggressive growth strategies through effective leadership, innovative marketing campaigns, and a complete comprehension of mall shop advertising.