Sports Fitness Resume Example

The sports fitness resume was written for a candidate that was a successful business owner in the fitness field.

This personal trainer sought to grow his business by building new relationships with corporations and facilities where he could host group fitness activities.

Their experience included personal training for a variety of fitness clubs and facilities. It was important to note his many types of training and certifications, which are imminent in providing a full scope of training within a gym or other fitness setting.

In addition, because the job seeker was not using this resume specifically to be hired into a single role, it needed to include the broad knowledge he holds and his ability to lead groups of people.

Lastly, in order to remove redundancy that could occur on a fitness resume, the writer listed only the most recent and relevant positions that encompassed the skills they wanted to portray.

Sports Fitness Resume Example Trainer

Sports Fitness Resume Example

Sports Fitness Resume Statements

  • Built company on premise of gap in market for corporate fitness programs and in-the-home training opportunities.
  • Host group training classes in-home and in-businesses in local region.
  • Maintain the financial, physical and administrative facets of a small business.
  • Generate business through self-promotion, marketing and word-of-mouth.
  • Implement creative and fun programs for new and current clients.
  • Design group fitness activities to promote a better understanding of health and fitness across with both employees, other trainers and members of the club.
  • Coordinated fun community and club events in the vein of fitness such as 5k races, I Love Fitness days and family activities.
  • Educated clients through instruction, demonstration and application of customized training routines in fitness club.
  • Cultivated an environment of trust and respect with clients through patience, attention to detail and knowledge.