Mortgage Banker Resume Example

Resume Example for executive professional with high level experience working at mortgage banks. This can be used to gain writing ideas for most upper level banking and financial services positions.

The resume uses a job title headline of Senior Banking Executive with 4 subtitles to emphasize mortgage banking, operations, risk management and loss mitigation. The heading is followed by an executive summary that outlines this individual’s impressive executive career for midsize and Fortune 500 mortgage banking institutions.

The areas of excellence is used to provide a quick read of key expertise such as startups, underwriting, foreclosures, compliance, collections, hedge funds and distressed assets.

The summary is followed by the professional experience section. In this section, the job seekers lists the company names followed by a brief description of the company in italics. The job title is listed with a general outline of their core responsibility below. Bullet points are used to highlight key accomplishments. The writer does an excellent job of using numbers, dollars and percentages to quantify results.

A formal education section at the bottom of the second page lists their college education and professional development.

Mortgage Banker Resume Example

Mortgage Banker Resume Example – Page 1

Mortgage Banker Resume Sample

Mortgage Banker Resume Example – Page 2

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Mortgage Banker Resume Statements

  • Expertise in Mortgages, Underwriting, Lending, Brokerage Accounts and Investment Banking.
  • Strong knowledge of corporate banking regulations and compliance.
  • Recognized for leading large teams in strategic planning and business development.
  • Streamlined processes that resulted in reduced expenses, improved productivity and increased revenue.
  • Directed, recruited and trained teams of banking staff members to run bank branches and oversee sales.
  • Consulted with financial institutions and brokers to buy high value assets, securities and private placements.
  • Developed and executed plans to modify loan origination department including the hiring loan officers and lending staff.

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