Network Manager Resume Example

The resume below was written for a senior level Network Administrator and Network Manager.  IT professionals in network engineering can use this sample format and statements as a guideline for creating their personal resume.

This one page document is written with a job title heading, summary, experience, education and technical skills section.  The job seeker’s experience is summarized so the reader clearly understands their background included the installation, maintenance and support of large LAN / WAN infrastructures.

The experience section focuses on one job position during a 12 year period.  The paragraph defines their primary role in the company and describes the network environment.  Each bullet point highlights a specific project or individual achievement.

The education section is standard but the technical skills list is highly detailed. This is necessary for most hands-on technical professionals as hiring managers are often looking for people with experience working with certain technologies.

network manager resume example

Network Manager Resume Example

Network Manager Resume Statements

  • Full accountability for managing day to day network changes, including B2B VPN and firewall changes and hardware or software modifications.
  • Accountable for configuring, installing, and managing remote installations of LAN / WAN hardware for remote offices.
  • Managed web-site security appliance to control Internet access, including Cisco IronPort, Websense, Blue Coat and Surf Control.
  • Performed server and network hardware rack and stack in data center and installed connections to network.
  • Managed network connections using distributed cable management system.
  • Managed dual ISP connectivity and redundancy with DS3, 100 and 300 meg circuits and DNS using F5 GTM appliance for internal and external DNS.
  • Integral part of team that successfully transitioned approximately 2,600 network devices from existing in-house team to outsourced managed solution.
  • Replaced existing antiquated hardware with IBM-approved cutting-edge technological solutions.
  • Successfully migrated web load balanced environments from Cisco CSS platform to an F5 LTM for the QA, internal production and external production websites.
  • Served as network lead for mainframe and distributed systems for BCP planning and testing.
  • Mentored and coached new Network Administrators and Network Engineers.