Data Analyst Resume Example

The Data Analyst Resume Example is for a business professional with strong analytical skills, knowledge of operations and extensive data organizational abilities.

This job seeker is an intermediate-level candidate with extensive skills to contribute within a lateral role in a new company.

The resume shows the candidate’s ability to use their skill set to increase the profitability of a company and boost productivity through the collection and analysis of data.

This well-rounded individual shows the ability to work well with other departments for the better of a company.

Data Analyst Resume Example Business

Data Analyst Resume Example

Data Analyst Resume Statements

  • Improved revenue by $2M annually through implementation of cost cutting initiatives.
  • Decreased scrap and waste budget by $1,000 monthly through investigation and management of previously uncovered data.
  • Collaborated with CFO and COO to pinpoint new profit generating business opportunities.
  • Analyzed production data and facilitated integral steps to improving productivity through automated employee work reports.
  • Automate weekly productivity reports to send to C-level finance officers.
  • Analyze productivity and profitability, suggesting logistical processes for improvement.
  • Design user-friendly, time-saving macros for operations, lean, finance, and product marketing departments.
  • Extracted and compiled data to analyze customer acquisition process.
  • Collaborated with business analysts and finance departments to design objectives to achieve through data automation.
  • Leveraged strong analytical background to develop innovative and efficient organization solutions to complex data sets for varied set of users.