Prosecutor – Attorney Resume Example

The Prosecutor Resume example is for a legal professional who has served as Assistant District Attorney. This job seeker also held titles as Telecommunications Attorney and Legislative Counsel.

The resume uses a broad job title of Attorney as a heading with more detailed subheadings to reference their experience as a Legislative Counsel, Assistant District Attorney and Telecommunications Attorney. The industry and key expertise is listed just below that with an executive summary to provide further details of their expertise.

he professional strengths section provides a bullet point table to highlight multiple areas. This includes intellectual property, regulatory compliance, litigation management, criminal investigations and several other areas.. Key legal expertise accentuates the job target and underscores their experience.

The job section lists the organization or law firms along with dates employed and job titles. The paragraphs outline their duties and responsibilities with bullet points that emphasize accomplishments.

Law school work and education is listed to include the Juris Doctor degree. Bar admissions and volunteer work conclude the resume.

Prosecutor Resume Example

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District Attorney Prosecutor Resume Example

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Prosecutor Resume Statements

  • An experienced prosecutor with over 10 years of court room experience with a proven ability to present statements of fact, law and arguments clearly and concisely.
  • Review investigations, examine evidence and analyze criminal reports submitted by law enforcement and determine if cases justify prosecution.
  • File criminal cases, prepare pleadings, write briefs and conduct legal research for precedent.
  • Approve issuance of criminal complaints and warrants for arrest in criminal cases.
  • Prepare for criminal cases in court and develop presentations for each case.
  • Draft legal options on criminal law for argumentation or dissemination to law enforcement.
  • Train and mentor support staff including deputy and assistant district attorneys, paralegal and clerks.
  • Process misdemeanor incidents and felony cases and present them during preliminary hearings.
  • File civil cases in local area that involve fraud in consumer products, business services, automobile insurance, real estate / property and welfare.