Boat Captain Resume Example


This boat captain resume example was professionally created for an individual that has spent his adult life on boats and yachts.

The set-up for these resumes are a little unique as it is industry practice to include a picture and information for references. These two things are not generally included on resumes from other fields.

Since it is a specialized industry, we felt it was important to include his objective to begin the resume. From there, we highlighted some exceptional experiences and qualifications that he had.

The boat captain has so much work experience, it was important that the section would not drag on too long. For that reason, the resume was separated it into two sections – At Sea Experience AND Managerial and Business Experience.

It was critical to demonstrate the candidate’s readiness to move into the highest levels of his profession. Thus, separate sections, italicized & bolded fonts, better spacing and bulleted lists were used to still give the resume a neat & clean look.

Education and Training were listed at the bottom because there was enough actual experience that is more critical for the types of jobs he is hoping to find.

Boat Captain Resume Example

Boat Captain Resume Example – Page 1

Boat Captain Resume Sample

Boat Captain Resume Example – Page 2

Boat Captain Resume Statements

  • Cruised waters from various locations (this is where you would add destinations).
  • Organized transit and customs clearances including permits to enter XX Territorial Waters.
  • Directed helicopter-equipped vessel.
  • Developed International Safety Management Plan and trained crew to meet rigorous safety expectations.
  • Arranged all routes of travel for the vessel.
  • Operated daily passenger service.
  • Visited 13 countries in 2.5 years at sea.
  • Led numerous charter operations and public sails.
  • Oversaw variety of vessels of wooden construction and traditional design.
  • Helped sail impressive ship that was built in 1932 and powered by an original Washington diesel engine.
  • Provided contract crewing, project management & vessel repair services.
  • Managed projects for interior refit of passenger vessels.
  • Supervised staff in the quoting, manufacture and distribution of miniaturized aviation electronics.
  • Implemented LEAN production methods, invigorated moral and reduced operating costs.
  • Contracted and sub-contracted on projects including the replacement of main engines and the construction of a 164’ hull mold.
  • Acted as mate or captain on hydrographic research vessels and oil spill response vessels.
  • Planned and directed moorage for six thousand lineal feet of boat.
  • Authored a Crew Training Manual that was utilized in large capacity.

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