Senior IT Manager Resume Example

The resume outlines the career of a Senior IT Manager with experience in Business Process Analysis. The document is a good resource for any supervisory, management or analytically position in a technical field.

The writer uses a summary paragraph to highlight 10 years of experience in project and program management with a focus on infrastructure design. The summary area and strengths section directly below also highlight skills in Contingency Planning, Strategic Analysis and Managed Service Providers.

The job section uses standard headings and a brief italicized statement about the company and scope of work. Bullet points are used to describe projects, outline responsibilities and underscore achievements. This resume uses quotations from past employers to reiterate their success. The quotes are clearly marked with the correct punctuation and outlined in a shadow box. Furthermore, to document the scope of projects this resume lists the key clients at each position since these companies are well known industry leaders.

The technology profile lists their experience with software, hardware, languages and protocols. A unique project management heading outlines specific software and technologies used in their past IT projects. The education section lists their technology certifications and training.

Senior IT Manager Resume Example

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Senior Technical IT Manager Resume Example

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Senior IT Manager Resume Statements

  • Oversee deployment, configuration and repair of network systems, laptops, telecommunications and printing equipment.
  • Manage the planning and implementation of information systems security, anti-virus and data protection software.
  • Plan and install various computer applications and software modules with oversight of initial user training and support.
  • Maintain, update and support business LAN network cabling, fiber optics, switches, routers, servers and various network devices.
  • Provide support for network technicians in the implementation of network applications and virtual servers.
  • Ensure business continuity with full responsibility for 100% uptime, full data backup, recovery and system redundancy.
  • Serve as project manager for deployment of new technologies or devices such as security chips and video conferencing.
  • Research and implement new innovative technologies that are capable of enhancing business productivity or reducing expenses.
  • Manage company web site team including content development, e-commerce systems, payment gateways and other web based services.

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