Insurance Agent Resume Example

Resume example for professional with sales experience as insurance agent. This is a good reference for anyone in the insurance industry.

The document outlines job expertise that includes insurance products, insurance policy analysis, sales and marketing.

The writer also focuses on key knowledge such as property inspection, claims management, underwriter management and client relations.

An education section is used to list the Bachelor of Art in Business Administration. Additional skills are used to list CRM, ERP and office productivity software.

Insurance Agent Resume Example

Insurance Agent Resume Example

Insurance Agent Resume Statements

  • Bring in new customer through sales of life, fire and auto insurance products.
  • Expand insurance coverage into multiple markets across the state and country.
  • Contact potential clients by telephone in order to secure appointments.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations to large groups and company employees for group health plans.
  • Obtain existing insurance, personal information, home/auto details in order to run insurance quotes.
  • Work with agents to optimize sales scripts and utilize multiple techniques to target individuals.
  • Assist families with preparing home and personal budgets and utilize information to show benefits of life insurance.
  • Develop packaged deals for customers that are willing to utilize company for home, auto and life policies.
  • Help customers apply for policies in a manner that will optimize approval.
  • Review policy applications for error and omissions then work with insurance underwriters to facilitate completion of process.
  • Work with clients to fill out and file insurance claims ensuring that clients get rapid approval, maintaining superb customer service.

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