Manufacturing Executive Resume Example

Resume for Manufacturing Executive with previous positions as President and Vice President. This document would also be a good resource for any upper level position in manufacturing, production or product development.

The resume uses an executive style summary where the job seeker focuses on results as an executive in the manufacturing industry.

The job candidate highlights qualifications in management, strategic planning and project development. The writer also emphasizes the specific manufacturing expertise such as production scheduling, production control and inventory management.

The jobs are structured with bold headings that include the company, job title and dates. The paragraph outlines the scope of work and overall impact. As an example this executive states that they increased company from 0 to over $2 million sales within 2 years. This type of achievement is a necessity in an executive resume.

Manufacturing Executive Resume Example

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Manufacturing Executive Resume Sample

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Manufacturing Executive Resume Writing

As suggested above, the high level professional must display their past success. The bullet points in the experience section provide further statements of accomplishment to achieve this goal. In this case, the executive documents how they devised strategic plans, set up new systems, created new products and integrated technologies. Even in past jobs they show examples of growing revenue by millions of dollars, quantifying the results when possible.

Notice how the most recent positions provide more details than the older job positions. It is unnecessary to provide anything more than a list of work history for jobs that are over 20 years old. You can also eliminate jobs that are not related to the current executive level job target, even if they are 10-15 years old. Simply list them under a heading call “Work History.”

This resume ends with the education section that lists the Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree. For specialized fields, a graduate degree should also be mentioned in the executive summary.