CIO Technology Executive Resume Example

Chief Information Officer Resume Example for CIO Technology Executive. This can be used as a resource for any C-Level, Vice President or Director level IT position.

This IT executive resume begins with a job title line to make it clear that this professional has experience serving as a Chief Information Officer. The resume then uses an executive summary to outline overall experience in the planning and development of cutting edge information systems. The remaining statements document the job seeker’s supporting experience.

The resume uses an “Areas of Expertise” section that allows the reader to quickly and easily identify key qualification disciplines. This includes budgeting, ERP, mergers, acquisitions, Internet, security and several other related skills.

The next section is unique as the candidate decided to highlight specific achievements before the reverse chronological descriptions of previous positions. This method is very effective as this section encapsulates the entirety of the executive’s career success. The accomplishments document percentage improvements in cost reductions and revenues. The writer also includes achievements related to large-scale technology and systems implementation.

CIO Technology Executive Resume Example

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CIO Technology Executive Resume Sample

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Technology Executive Resume Writing

The experience section uses a short paragraph for a company description and 5-6 statements to describe the scope of work at each position. Again the job seeker separates specific accomplishments at each position in bullet points. This is a particularly effective format for any executive with an extensive career and a long list of accomplishments.

When you’re writing your resume, sometimes you’re short of space in the first page where your job listings, education and other training fall off the first page and begin a second or sometimes a third one. When this is the case (and this happens really, really often) you should consider formatting options, eliminating unnecessary words and phrases from your resume’s first page contents, adjusting font sizes and other tricks to get your education and training sections into the first page. We tend to pay lots more attention to what begins a page and if you’re adding filler job listings to make up a second page you will be giving too much emphasis to a part of your history that you don’t want to emphasize.

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