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This page includes a profession resume for a IT professional with formal job experience as Project Manager and Consultant. This document can serve as a resource for people targeting general IT management or project consulting job positions.

The summary identifies 10 years of IT experience. The statements show expertise in IT management, project design, solutions development, communications and team building.

The job seeker documents their expertise in a variety of technical fields, such as object oriented analysis, software implementation, requirements analysis, system design and programming.  They utilize a computer skills section which highlights their most important hands-on knowledge like C, C++ and Visual Basic.

The job section includes statements of responsibilities and achievements.  A brief paragraph explains their major obligation for each job or project.  The bullet point statements highlight the accomplishments or core technologies utilized in the project.

IT Consultant Resume Example

IT Consultant Resume Example

IT Consultant Resume Example Resume Statements

  • Coordinate with product developers, software designers, testing and consultants to ensure completion of project requirements in a timely manner.
  • Oversee project and software department budgets, managing multiple development projects simultaneously.
  • Manage code review sessions to ensure that best practices and procedures are implemented while recommending modifications and optimization.
  • Develop comprehensive multi-departmental project plans and track progress through deployment process.
  • Collaborate with human resources to recruit, hire and train software design and information systems teams.
  • Identify bottlenecks in development process and facilitate usage of advanced technologies, new tools or enhanced processes.
  • Facilitate workflow, re-allocate resources, decrease project cycle time and ensure attainment of development goals.
  • Oversee creation of documentation and technical drawings used as manuals or guides for internal systems or external products.

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