Business Student

This is an entry level resume example for a business student. The job seeker has experience working in foreign countries so the resume is a good sample for any student targeting international or global job positions.

Notice that the profile is written in a summary format that outlines this business student’s skills as opposed to an objective statement that tends to only describe the type of job a person is targeting.

Their best asset is the recent education and their bilingual ability, which is listed as the first summary. Additional details about languages is also listed in the summary.

The introduction is followed by five job positions that demonstrate skill sets in the summary. The education and activities section further reiterates the basic principles of the target, which include memberships in business, international and social clubs and fraternities/sororities.This is common content to put in the entry level resume.

The writer also includes the impressive 4.00 GPA for the business administration major.The student leader and student service awards provide an excellent complement to education, languages and high GPA.

Business Student Resume Example

Business Student Resume Example

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Business Student Resume Example By Resume Edge