Clinical Research Resume Example

The post includes a resume for an M.D. and  Clinical Researcher .  This job seeker was also serving role as Clinical Director and Executive of Business Development.  The resume is  a good sample for anyone targeting senior level medical research positions.

The headline features job titles and key areas of strength such as Clinical Expertise and Product Commercialization. The summary uses two functional areas to highlight with short paragraphs below. The statements below reveal transferable skills such as leadership, planning, integration and systems implementation.

A Value Drivers section emphasizes their expertise in administrative leadership, project management and IT / Business solutions.

The job section uses standard titles with paragraphs that outline responsibilities. The bullet points focus on major projects and achievements. The writer uses a unique style of boxing in a key challenge at the position and explains how the candidate met this challenge. This is an excellent way to feature your core accomplishment at each job position.

The education section documents a Bachelor of Science in Management and Medical Doctorate Degree. The rest of the resume shows a nice format for listing certifications and publications.

Clinical Researcher Resume Example

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Clinical Product Research Resume Example

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Clinical Medical Research Resume Example

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Clinical Research Resume Statements

  • Oversee the logistics, management and execution of clinical studies and research programs.
  • Evaluate and prepare site audits while negotiating contracts for conducting studies and research trials.
  • Oversee data collection, data entry and final analysis.
  • Manage clinical trial budget, payment process, vendors and consultants.
  • Develop clinical study protocols, plans, references and timelines.
  • Communicate project status, progress and final results to Research Head, Research Teams and Board of Directors.
  • Train Research associates on protocols, trial plans, monitoring tasks and research process.
  • Ensure studies adhere to guidelines and regulations set by federal, state and local health departments.
  • Prepare regulatory documents and maintain records for clinical studies.
  • Develop reports, charts, presentations and spreadsheets with data and results.

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