Athletic Trainer Resume Example

The athletic trainer resume was designed to help a client move into a Management Role for a local gym or fitness center.

One challenging part was to convey to potential employers that the client has the wealth of experience in enough areas to gain employment as a Manager.

Additionally, the job seeker did not want to stop personal training completely, but instead was hoping to do it as part of his new responsibilities as Manager.

The writer wanted the overall theme of the resume to demonstrate four things that the client does well:

  • develops efficient procedures and schedules for member services
  • keeps customers coming back for further training
  • increases revenue wherever he has worked
  • successfully provides well-rounded services that include personal training and fitness class instruction.

The resume also included  bolded key quantitative accomplishments at each previous employment to ensure that the reader was aware of these impressive feats.

The Volunteer section was included to show that he is invested in his community and dedicated to improving the health of others.

Finally, relevant Certifications and Degrees were listed to ensure the reader of the client’s qualifications.

Athletic Trainer Resume Example

Athletic Trainer Resume Example

Athletic Trainer Resume Summary Statements

  • Customer Satisfaction – Over 80% of clients return for continued training.
  • Versatile – Teaches numerous different training classes including yoga, spin, boxing, kettle bell.
  • Customized Program Design – Develops personalized programs to help clients achieve optimal results.
  • Nutrition Focused – Works will all clients to incorporate healthy eating habits.

Athletic Trainer Resume Example Statements

  • Responsible for ensuring all members have above-average facilities and training opportunities.
  • Splits time between teaching various training classes and providing personal training expertise to clients.
  • Delivers personalized training & nutrition regimen to over 60 clients per month.
  • Instructs multiple classes that are attended by over 75 members daily.
  • Provides expert support on all areas of training: weight lifting, endurance, yoga, boxing, core strength, nutrition.
  • Maintains return rate of 83% in terms of clients signing up for additional training.
  • Awarded “Personal Trainer of the Year” in 2013 and 2016.
  • Hired to organize and coordinate fitness classes for gym that has over 300 members. Streamlined the schedule so that additional classes could be offered each day.
  • Revamped structure and member access that led to 45% increase in fitness class attendance in one year.
  • Ensured all fitness equipment was properly cared for and maintained.
  • Promoted gym programs to the community, leading to revenue increases every year of employment.
  • Initiated fitness competitions and goals between members and groups that led to increased attendance.