Production Coordinator Resume Example

The management resume example was created for an individual with previous job experience as a Production Coordinator for film projects. The example serves as a great resource for anyone in related position.

The resume includes a list of headline skills related to management, which include logistic coordination, account management, project coordination and international management.

The resume also lists general business skills such as strategic planning, budgeting, profitability improvement and product coordination.

The writer uses specific project descriptions to outline the scope of the project while separating the quantifiable and successful results. This is essentially a hybrid resume style that is written like a functional resume but more appropriately a project to project format. This type of structure can also be useful for consultants that go from contract to contract as often seen in the IT field.

The candidate possesses a specialization in logistics, multimedia, photography and film. These skills are included in the education section, though no degree is listed. This is a case where experience is much stronger than any college training.

Production Coordinator Resume Example

Production Coordinator Resume – Page 1

Production Coordinator Resume Example – Page 1

Management Production Coordinator Resume Example

Production Coordinator Resume – Page 2

Production Coordinator Resume Example – Page 2

Production Coordinator Resume Statements

  • Coordinate production of large equipment, devices and props for large studio.
  • Oversee construction and logistics for equipment and supplies.
  • Design features of set and organize staff to maintain production processes.
  • Developed mechanical system that achieve goals of engineering staff.
  • Manage production projects from conception to deployment.
  • Work with art, graphics and design departments to ensure products meet quality and creativity guidelines.
  • Serve as liaison and primary point of contact between studio and clients.
  • Charged with finding locations to rent and do closes shoots.
  • Manage procurement of props, clothing, wardrobe and vehicles.

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